LeBron: From loved to loathed with one word

Please Love me

I sat there staring at the screen, looking at LeBron James, a man who just changed it all. Could it really be possible that he had taken his all- American good guy reputation, crumpled it up and thrown it into the sewer. YES.

The whole move was shocking really. He called a 60 minute LeBronathon to be aired in a primetime slot. This wasn’t the media making a circus out of all of this, no, it was LeBron creating a spectacle. It might be the most SHOCKING PR move in the history of sports. To make it worse, the guy used this hour long spot to join the Miami Heat, literally stabbing his hometown fans in the back and creating a villainous character in the process. What LeBron did to Cleveland was beyond terrible. People were burning the guys jerseys in the street. Little kids who adored the guy were crying while wearing the number 23 jerseys.

When this whole thing started, honestly, I was convinced it was LeBron using this to thank the other teams who he met with during free agency. Ultimately, he would join the Cavs and show his respects. We all had this image of the loyal guy who cared too much about Cleveland to leave. If LeBron did that, he would be a HERO. Like the Jordan’s, Magic’s, Bird’s and Kobe’s that came before him, the guys who stuck it out in their city because they were so sure and so determined that they could win and destroy everyone else. But LeBron, you are not those guys, those are the winners and will be remembered that way for all time, love them or hate them.

Now LeBron has become the most hated man in the NBA. Somewhere in the world, Kobe Bryant is breathing a sigh of relief. See LeBron could have handled this well. I’m not judging him for leaving Cleveland, I’m judging him for the WAY he did it. He came across as a selfish, pompous, narcissistic man. He could have called a low key press conference and announced he was leaving for Miami (honestly, you can’t blame the guy, the appeal of bringing two of the top 3 players in the NBA in LeBron and Wade was hard to pass up). Instead he chose to create an hour long spectacle on national TV, call it ‘The Decision’ and make himself look like an ass in the process.

The Heat put LeBron in the best position to win. The superteam they have in Miami now will bring new excitement to the NBA. If built correctly they COULD (if they work well together) become a multi championship team. You can bet your ass they gained several thousand new bandwagon fans.

At least you gained that LeBron, because you certainly lost a whole lot.

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