Nascar Fans Stop, It’s Not a Sport

It has similarities to real sports. Tens of thousands of people tailgate and then pack drunkenly into stands to watch it. There are winners and losers. You can bet it (of course it betting were legal). Sponsors and advertisers spend millions to make it run. And yes, it does better numbers than baseball and even basketball sometimes. Then again, so does Dancing With The Stars, is that a sport too?

Look, I respect Nascar as a successful business endeavor. Doing that driving takes skill. I get that. I agree, but that’s not an argument. It also takes skill to maintain a piece on the side when you’re dating someone. Doesn’t make it a sport (but if it were, men wouldn’t stand a chance to women).

Skill alone does not make something a sport.

If a 400 pound man (for the sake of argument, let’s assume it wouldn’t effect the speed of the car) who runs a 30:00 mile and couldn’t do a sit up if there was an ice cream sundae on his stomach could foreseeably be the top dog in you’re “sport,” you’re not a sport.

If being in shape offers a negligible advantage to the alternative, you’re not a sport.

It’s more than just a bunch of left turns and the heat makes it exausting, but those suits they wear are technological marvels and these guys stay incredibly hydrated, not to mention can maintain all their bodily functions. So far sounds like a dumb-ass version of astronauts playing a game…still not a sport.

Now that I think about it, it’d be a great suit to have when you’re hungover and don’t feel like moving.

That brings us the most important part: what’s moving. They’re driving a car! We do it everyday, some of us for hours a day. I would argue that a trucker, who drives 14 hour days on Benzedrine and peach schnapps puts his body through much worse in a day than a Nascar driver and he’s not in a “sport.” Same deal: competition, driving, strain on mind and body. Only real difference is the money and sponsors, but is a trucker’s livelihood any less at stake?

All it takes is the push of a gas pedal and the turning of a steering wheel. Some clever calculations on stopping for gas and some tricky driving and you can win. Sounds like my last road trip, not a sport.

At best, it’s a real life video game. At worst, it’s a strange ‘roided out version of something you and I do every single day. Could you and I do it? Absolutely not, but I can’t do calculus and that isn’t a sport either.

The official list of sports? Easy:

Football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, soccer, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, track/field, swimming (and that is generous) and I haven’t decided on MMA, but it’s certainly MUCH closer than freakin’ Nascar.

Bring it on Nascar fans.

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