A New Era Of Digital Drugs

It may not have biological consequences like traditional narcotics, but a new genre of drugs are raising concerns in Oklahoma – teens are getting digitally high by downloading audio tracks designed to stimulate the brain into trips from desired drugs. I-Doser offers audio trips that simulate the intoxicated states caused by Marijuana, LSD, and Peyote. YouTube videos of teens trying their digital drugs are being uploaded all over YouTube, concerning many school officials at Oklahoma’s Mustang High School. Parents of teen abusers of these digital drugs are concerned that it may entail negative psychological repercussions. Law enforcement officials with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs are now investigating the consequential extent from these digital drug abuse to follow up with possible legal actions. The administration at Mustang High School plan to enforce new school rules that curb mobile device usage to suppress digital downloads that may lead to teen addiction.

[via newson6]

One Response to “A New Era Of Digital Drugs”
  1. Rah says:

    there’s a school called MUSTANG HIGHT SCHOOL? fuck.

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