Inception Review

Believe the hype.

I’m concerned. What concerns me is that you will look at early reviews for Inception and think to yourself “there’s no way it’s that good.” You skim through the reviews, with that smug sense that you know something no one else knows. You know that Inception only got the reviews it did because hollywood has become entirely too enamored with director Christopher Nolan, post The Dark Knight, to really do anything but kiss his ass.

You know all this without having seen the film, shrugging off the “don’t knock it ’til you try it” mentality. After all, you’ve never tried heroin either and there’s no way that’s a good idea. So you sit there, knowing more than everyone else, yet you’re reading another review. My review. Well guess what? Fuck you, Inception is fucking phenomenal and easily the best film of the year so far, even trumping the awesomeness of Toy Story 3. That’s right, believe the hype.

Inception tells the story of a man named Cobb (DiCaprio delivering yet another truly excellent performance), who, along with his partner, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt with an understated yet deceptively layered performance), goes into people’s dreams to steal their greatest secrets. The duo botches a job on a corporate giant named Saito (Ken Watanabe who is possibly the weakest link in the cast, because he’s occasionally difficult to understand, and yet still gives an awesome performance). However, Saito offers them the chance to work for him instead. The job? Inception. Planting an idea into the dreaming mind  of  another corporate CEO (Cillian Murphy) instead of stealing it. It’s risky, but Saito offers Cobb something he can’t refuse (and that’s all I’ll say about that).

So Cobb and Arthur assemble a team. There’s the dream architect, Ariadne (Ellen Page who serves as our introduction into the rules of dreams), the perpetual bad ass, Eames (Tom Hardy who quickly proves he ought to be the next James Bond), and the chemist, Yusuf (Dileep Rao who provides the occasional comic-relief ). The team gets to work and it’s absolutely thrilling from start to finish.

Vying for best performance in the film is Marion Cotillard as Mal (the dangerous beauty haunting Cobb’s subconscious), though, when all is said and done, it is Cobb’s character that will truly stick in your brain. I’ll say this, if DiCaprio and Cotillard don’t get Oscar nods, I’ll be furious.

If you think Memento made your brain work hard, or that The Matrix pushed the boundaries of philosophical discussion in a major hollywood release, prepare to get your ass handed to you by Inception’s freakishly brilliant and utterly absorbing plot. The dialogue is smart, the plot is smarter, and the acting is impeccable. Yeah, that’s right, Chris Nolan did it again. I recently read the review on IGN claiming that Inception was even better than The Dark Knight, deserving the title of Chris Nolan’s “masterpiece.” Well, IGN may be the site that gave Speed Racer a five star rating when it deserved half that or less, but I think they’re right on the money this time.

Inception is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It’s smart, it’s exciting, it’s easily the best movie of the year so far and actually is better than The Dark Knight proving that Nolan seems to get better and better with every film he makes. So Inception gets an A+, five stars, two thumbs up, and any other positive rating I could give it. Literally the only negative thing I’ll say about it is that all other movies you see for the rest of the year will seem crappy and stupid by comparison. Go see it. Now.

3 Responses to “Inception Review”
  1. Kyle says:

    One of the best reviews I’ve had the pleasure of reading so far. A bunch of people are starting to act like they don’t think it was very good now just to rain on everyone’s parade. They claim it was “too smart for it’s own good” or “way too complicated”. If you thought it wasn’t very good and too complicated, you’re probably too stupid to be penning that long-winded diatribe disguised as a review.

    I am being completely honest when I say that I could sit in a room with like 10 other people and just talk about Inception for a full 24 hours straight. I loved every part of this movie, and I thank Christopher Nolan’s parents for having sex. Genius doesn’t even begin to describe him anymore. He’s at another level.

  2. Rah says:

    Thanks for the complements dude. I think you nailed your review. And I’m pretty sure I could just sit and discuss this movie forever. Blew my mind. and so unbelievably good.

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