Devil – ANOTHER M. Night Shayamalan movie

this time.. everyone is in an elevator.. and someone is attacking them.. maybe it’s the trees. oh wait, probably not.

One Response to “Devil – ANOTHER M. Night Shayamalan movie”
  1. Ash says:

    Two things: this was (abysmally) written but NOT (abysmally) directed by Shyamalan. And I’m proposing a theory right now – the trailer claims one of the five people in the elevator is not who they appear to be (i.e. they’re the titular “devil”). There are only three possibilities: the young white girl, the douche who didn’t hold the elevator, and the guy who wanted them to hold the elevator. The latter two options are the only semi-recognizable actors present, however, based on the “not who they appear to be” line, it’s probably the girl as she says (when entering the building) “do I really look all that dangerous?”

    Yeah, that’s right. I believe M. Night’s writing is so crappy that I have figured out the movie based solely on the first trailer. Boom.

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