Creed: The Most Forward-Thinking Band?

In an environment where artists like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera are cancelling all or portions of their tour, Creed is emerging from the rubble with a new and innovative tour model: write and release one new song, then start a tour based on the strength of that single!  Brilliant!  That eliminates all of that expensive recording time, the time-consuming writing process, and the need for creativity.  Have you heard those whispers about the death of the album that has prevented artists like Sufjan Stevens from releasing new material?  No need to worry, because Creed has the solution.  Obviously, they learned that the lack of a 35th song to their collection caused their concert woes last year. If only they had one extra song to boost ticket prices from $5!

Let’s hope ticket sales prove that nobody cares about them, or their upcoming acoustic greatest hits album.


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