Sarah Palin is Racist

Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing

This is Sarah Palin’s Twitter post from July 18.  What a load of bullshit.  Let’s dissect this.  “Peace-seeking Muslims.”  She uses “Peace-seeking” to indicate “good.”  She needs to differentiate this from the “peace-hating” Muslims, which in her mind, appears to be the majority.  Dumbass.

The “Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation?”  How is it provocation?  She shouldn’t be addressing the mosque; she should be addressing the people who react distastefully or even violently to this construction.  If it is indeed “Peace-seeking Muslims” who seek a mosque, why punish them for misguided and reappropriated fear and hate.

“it stabs heart.”  Yes, your desire for a place of worship, and the unfortunate coincidence that your faith is similar to that of the most notorious terrorists in United States history is equivalent to that of a knife or sword wound.

“in interest of healing” By blocking the mosque, NYC would be fostering fear and misunderstanding.  That’s not healing, that’s hate mongering.  Clearly she cannot disassociate “Muslim” from “terrorist.”  This should not be an issue, and a potential presidential candidate should not endorse racism.


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