If only Zac Efron spent more time sculpting his career instead of his body

Zac Efron is throwing his career down the tubes. When he opted out of Footloose, it was admirable to see him actively try to break free from his typecast. Instead, he’s taking the exact roles he would have taken anyway.

This Friday, you can see Zac in Charlie St. Cloud. Or you could just stay home and watch Demi Moore in Ghost and Phoebe Cates in Drop Dead Fred. You want to be more mature, Zac? Stop playing high school character. They might as well call this movie High School Drama.

Next up, Zac just signed on to two movies: The Lucky One and Die in a Gun Fight. In sum: The Lucky One is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel about an Iraqi veteran who seeks out a picture of a girl from his good luck charm (sounds like Brothers meets Swimfan). Really? A Nicholas Sparks adaptation? You’re taking the same path as Miley Cyrus to be taken seriously? Bravo.

At least Die in a Gun Fight sounds like it could be cool…until you read the premise. It’s about a New York youth who falls in love with the daughter of his father’s nemesis. Sounds a little similar to Remember Me, that Robert Pattinson vehicle.

So Zac, good job declining Footloose. You’re a trailblazer and an individual.


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