Stop Blaming the Media

Maybe somebody should give Dez Bryant a pad.

Rookie Dez Bryant refused to carry veteran teammate Roy Williams’ pads at the end of practice. Things like this are a staple of football and sports in general. Veterans break in the rookies, creating a right-of-passage that produces respect on both sides. At the outset, Bryant looks like a first-round pick with a big ego. However, Bryant claimed ignorance of tradition and the fault of the media.

Bryant responded to the situation with “The only thing about me … when I try to do something right, ya’ll try and turn it negative and I don’t feel like that’s right.” You tried to do something right? Clearly you did something wrong, because it upset Williams and the rest of the football purists. Secondly, the media didn’t blow it up. You violated an unspoken rule. ESPN is a sports news hub, and they report news stories. Your refusal of tradition is a news story. Also, look who cleared up the situation: Rodney Harrison, a member of the vilified media!

To Dez Bryant and everybody else to blames the media for their faults: if you screw up, take responsibility. As a celebrity and public figure, your actions are amplified. It’s not a reporter’s fault for doing their job when you don’t do yours.


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