Protect the Children?

The MPAA upheld its ‘R’ rating for Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s Holocaust documentary A Film Unfinished.  The filmmakers argued that the film should be judged similarly to Steven Spielberg’s documentary The Last Days.  That movie drew a PG-13 rating while exhibiting mass execution and nudity.  It was judged differently.

The MPAA is not governed by the government, but they should take notice.  The Supreme Court makes a decision on a case, which then dictates how all similar cases should be decided. How can the MPAA claim that A Film Unfinished is any worse than The Last Days if they both contain nudity and actual murder?

So screw you, MPAA.  It’s not your duty to protect the children; it’s up to parents.  Let the teenagers and young adults choose their own fate and education.


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