Government nonsense with UFO’s

I'm not a fucking UFO

The government has been lying to us for hundreds of years… wait.. that statement applies to nearly everything the government does, let’s rephrase. The government has been lying about UFO’s for forever now, but not only are they lying, they make up bullshit excuses, that no human being in their right mind could possibly mistake for the truth.

I’m not going to even start with whether or not aliens are real, that a whole separate topic, and maybe I’ll get to it someday.

Let’s talk though, about what the government claims where there are UFO sightings.

Exhibit A) Damn near every time a UFO is spotted by someone standing on the soil of our planet, the government is quick to dismiss it. This happens regardless of how many people have seen it. Private citizen, police man, airport officials or damn near anyone else, all are considered invalid sources by the government. What does the government tell us when these things are spotted? WEATHER BALLOON! YAY. Yes, Mr. Government Official I must have seen a fucking flying scrotum instead of a UFO, it all makes perfect sense now. The weather balloon excuse is bullshit, nobody in their right mind would mistake a weather balloon for some type of space craft in the sky. I’m not saying that these things are immediately the shuttles of interstellar travel for tiny green men with giant heads, but let’s be honest here, they’re almost certainly not weather balloons.

Exhibit B) When there are reports of military fighter pilots seeing UFO’s the government’s response is nothing short of brilliant. Now before I get into this, keep in mind that Fighter pilots are hand chosen by high up military officials, they are highly trained, have perfect eyesight as a requirement and they go through hours and hours of flight simulations and training before they do much fighter piloting. Just saying. See, when they see a UFO though, the government says that they must be seeing things, they must be delirious, or in a brilliant one, I read one UFO report where a government official stated that the pilot must have been flying upside down and seeing his own reflection in the ocean. WHAT… THE… FUCK?

What Do I think is really possible here. Well, there’s a few possibilities in my eyes.

1.) These UFO’s that people see are specialized aircraft that the government is testing. It could be our government or the militaries of other countries.

2.) These actually are UFO’s piloted or remotely controlled by beings from another planet.

3.) Human’s being humans. Because we hear so much about UFO’s, when people see lights in the sky, they sometimes get overly excited, and when they are hard to make out, their exact identification can be confusing.

Basically, UFO sightings are a combination of those 3 things. That is all. Dear Government, Fuck weather balloons.

2 Responses to “Government nonsense with UFO’s”
  1. Rah is a stupid fucking asshole says:

    you are such a stupid fucking asshole,the government puts a bunch of lights on thier planes ya retard.

    • Rah is a stupid fucking asshole says:

      there is no such thing as aliens and an unidentified flying object would be a regular plane that u just can’t see very well you motherfucker

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