We are in an era where not only much of popular culture is a rehash, but also one where it is more and more of a mash-up.

Take this illustration, for example.  Why is it gaining attention? Because it combines two of the most iconic characters of the 20th Century.  Just look at some of the movies at this years Comic-Con:

The Expendables – Every great action star since the 1980s.

Cowboys vs. Aliens – combines two different genres.

Even The Avengers, a movie based solely on a comic property, has become a mash-up – It is a crossover of four movies, something that is a cinematic anomaly.

Film followed music into the abyss of the internet and pirating.  Film is now following music’s path of mash-ups.  Is this the future of cinema, or is this a fad that a Matthew Vaughn or a Thom Yorke will announce its demise?


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