MGMT is Confusing

…and I’m not referring to their latest experimental album.  Back in April when their new album was dropping, they were apologizing for their “single” and the album itself.  Their admissions and opinions revealed their understanding of the deviant sophomore album.  Band member Ben Goldwasser actually tries to shift the blame by saying, “We don’t understand why anyone let us do this. We’re both sorry.”

Fast forward to August 16, when the band is still selling out shows and is no longer worried about becoming irrelevant.  Ben’s fellow band mate Andrew Vanwyngarden spoke to Interview Magazine and said “The people whose voices are on the Internet, on blogs and music review websites, aren’t necessarily the opinions I give a shit about.”  Well, now.  Who were you talking to back in April and May when you were trying to lower or change everybody’s expectations?  The “voices on the internet.”  I guess next time you come out and try to explain your music online, I won’t give a shit about your opinion.


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