The 15 Most Worst/Most Annoying Actors of All Time

I'm the chosen one.. the chosen worst actor ever

I write this post because it needs to be written. Everyone thinks these thoughts. Really though, I need to do this to point out how much these people bother me. So this is to you Mr. Horribleactor guy. This is to those who are utterly annoying to the point of disgust. These are the people that should have been in The Last Airbender. They aren’t remotely deserving of being in movies, or near movies. When you see their name on the posters or in the credits, you just know, deep, deep within you that the movie will be horrible. To be fair, I’ll do this in no particular order, or maybe that’s just because they’re all equally horrible. Also, just keep in mind I’m considering people who have been in a decent amount of movies, and well known movies, therefore, 2 of the worlds most annoying people Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin won’t be included. Read on for my list:

Keanu Reeves
Really, not much needs to be said here. Keanu Reeves is literally the weakest link in every movie he’s ever been in. Granted, he’s been in a couple good films (The Matrix and Hardball), but let’s be honest… wtf
Ben Affleck– This guy is just a terrible actor. I can’t stand him, he’s dry and unlikeable even in roles where he’s MEANT to be a likable character. He’s in one of the worst movies of all time: Gigli. He was a horrible superhero in Daredevil. He was easily the worst character in Mallrats. He seems really dumb, and lives off the coattails of good friend Matt Damon. I can’t stand Ben Affleck, most people can’t either.

Tara Reid– The once slightly attractive, normal person was always a terrible actress. She managed though, to become a progressively worse actress while becoming horribly slutty and disgustingly annoying. Every time I see her I’m frightened by her appearance and overall grossness. She has never even been in a good movie.

Channing Tatum
This guy has been in only bad movies. He’s not charismatic, has next to no screen presence and most girls think he’s cute. Let him be a model then, get the eff off the big screen. And look at the stupid clothes he’s wearing here.. wtf is that. Is that a style?

This one time, I had normal hair in a movie, oh wait, NVM
Nicholas Cage
This one is just too fun for me. I’ll start this way. Nicholas Cage is NOT a horrible actor. In fact, on numerous occasions he may have been mildly entertaining. So WHY is he on this list? Well, it’s because I find him to be annoying as all hell. First of all, his hair has literally NEVER been normal in a movie. The world is well aware of this, see in The Family Man, the director made a concerted effort to crop Nicolas Cage’s hair out as often as possible. That’s only the start of it though. He seems to believe that he is some sort of action star, and quite honestly I’d rather watch a movie with Carrot Top as the hero than Nicholas Cage. This last fact though is what annoys me the most about him. See, he’s a ginormous Superman fan, and that’s fine, even Seinfeld is a huge Superman fan and he’s annoying as hell. BUT it doesn’t end there for this guy, NO, his ass wants to play Superman in a movie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? First of all, he looks NOTHING like Superman, second Superman has normal hair, not that Eagle nest thing he has going on up there, and third WTF? You know, the worst part of it all is that it doesn’t end there, THE MAN NAMED HIS SON KAL-EL for those of you who are unaware, Kal-El is Superman’s real name. At least he successfully created a horrible life for his child. A child destined to be made fun of for his name, his hairstyle and mostly because his father is Nicholas Cage.

He was in 3 of the worst Movies of all time. You guessed it, Star Wars Episodes I, II, III. That’s reason enough for him to be on this list. I’m going to go ahead and point out his weird eye though, just for good measure.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg is annoying. Oh yea, he’s also a bad actor. He’s essentially the weakest link in any movie he’s in, unless he’s in a movie with one of the above listed actors. He should remain away from acting really, because that is the only problem I have with him. Remember when Scar told Simba to leave and never return. What he actually meant was: Go away Marky Mark. Oh yea and the cackling laugh of the Hyenas was for being in one of the worst movies ever made: The Happening.

Michael Cera –
Poor Michael Cera, he’s just a nerd after all, maybe I shouldn’t pick on him. FUCK THAT. He’s played the same character in every movie he’s ever been in. I will bash him less than everyone else though because he was in Superbad, and that, that’s just awesome.

Kirsten Dunst-
I swear Mary Jane was SUPPOSED to be hot. Guess Sam Raimi missed that memo when he cast her in Spider-Man. Honestly if she even attempted to act with some personality maybe I wouldn’t be bored to tears when watching her act, in anything, ever. She’s been in a couple good movies (Eternal Sunshine and Spiderman I), seemingly by luck alone.

Paul Walker-
You know, it’ll be hard for me to justify putting Paul Walker on this list. I mean, he was in Fast and the Furious which I suppose some people thought was alright. He seems like an alright guy really, and he’s not even annoying, hell, he even has a bit of screen presence. Oh wait… Every time I see his name in the cast I realize that the movie will be bad… Also, 90% of the movies he’s been in have basically been Fast and the Furious movies.

Drew Barrymore-
I honestly debated writing nothing here and just putting her picture up. That would have been ideal really. Being an asshole though, has allowed me to be cruel and write something here.
Drew Barrymore, good God. First of all, you are a bad actress. Second of all, I can’t stand your voice. Third, you dated TOM GREEN. That’s DISGUSTING. You fail. I am annoyed by your presence.

Matthew McConaughey-
He had a bit part in one Awesome movie (Tropic Thunder) and that is pretty much the only worthwhile thing he has done in his career. He’s one of those people, that as soon as you see his name in the cast, you are absolutely prepared for the movie to suck. At least he has his doofy, surfer boy personality to keep him going.

Steven Seagal-
This guy is probably the person that annoys me the most. I mean let’s start with his fucking eyes. What did he do to them? They used to be open, and what? One day he woke up and they were Asian?
He makes no sense to me. He’s supposedly some kind of martial artist, and he literally plays one in EVERY single movie he’s in. Has ANYONE ever seen a martial artist with the same body type as his? Can he even lift his leg more than one foot off the ground? Bruce Lee would be ashamed of you.

David Spade-
Is there anyone who is more of an ‘annoying person’ than David Spade? It seems like he is always just hanging around. He’s been in so many damn sitcoms, all of which are barely watchable, his voice is annoying and he’s a terrible, terrible actor.  He’s literally only famous because he was friends with the most epic human being ever, Chris Farley. And David Spade isn’t last on my list because he’s the most annoying person on the list, or the worst actor, it’s just because he belongs last.

167 Responses to “The 15 Most Worst/Most Annoying Actors of All Time”
  1. DNA_i says:


  2. Loose Cannon says:

    How can you forget Orlando Bloom? Silly name, shit actor.

  3. rose 19 says:

    you assholl .. Stupid .. just because you are stupid and do not have is free time to fill Bsakavatk
    If these actors really as you say about them they would not notorious and customs of the people and love them

  4. anon says:

    Crispin Glover is my pick!!!!!!!!

    • Magusrex says:

      Yes, CG blows like hurricane Hugo, but he’s not been A listed enough to be in this group. He’s at the water cooler convincing Kathy Griffin she’s got a witty intellect.

  5. anon says:

    Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • God says:

      very good actor, but you are too young to know

      • siyanahh says:

        How would you know how old he is you god damn cock sucking ape fucking retarded piece of fucking petrified anus poop covered semen you lowlife piece of filth

    • Magusrex says:

      Wow what a mouth! I freaking love you! Go Cartman it’s your birthday….you work with profanity like an artist in oil paints! Bravo.

      That being said, you are way way wrong. CB’s very first movie Empire of the Sun was one of the best movies ever filmed and he throws all his soul into the part. One of the greatest performances of any actor of any age ever performed. So intense was his delivery, he should be accepted into the hall of fame automatically.

  6. THUMB-MONITOR says:

    Definitely agree with the first three posted; Keanu Reeves, Ben Affleck & Tara Reid…all bad actors – they must have connections…it’s who you know, not how you act. 🙂 The rest are OK…I like Matthew McConaughey and his distinctive voice (same with Owen Wilson).

  7. jess says:

    you suck your just being rude for absolutly no reason! not all these people are bad actors/actresses honestly. you needa get your facts strait to idiot..

    • Rah says:

      I’ll tell you what ‘jess’ i’ll my ‘facts’, which are actually my OPINION, straight on one condition. You learn to spell. Deal? No? Oh what a shame.

      • SuxIT says:

        did you mean all there buuuuuuuuuuuuud?

      • Gofuk Yurselff says:

        Good one. Pick on someone’s spelling or grammar when that has nothing to do with the point. I been seeinwaytomuchfuckingofthat lately. Get the point dickbag?

      • Magusrex says:

        WTF? You people act like someone was bad mouthing your family members? Chill, express your OPINIONS, which like assholes, everyone’s got one. This stuff isn’t personal.

    • mike says:

      I agree with you jess. Also, I have personally met and seen Steven Seagall in person and action. He would whoop this little pussys ass fir putting him down.,So easy to trash talk someone behind a computer these days…

    • siyanahh says:

      You’re the dumbest slutty cunt that has ever been born. Why dont you go suck every dick at a frat house you dirty fucking slut just because you want to eat channing tatums asshole out after he had the stomach flu. People like you need to be sent to a private island but not some paradise. More like an iand on which atmoic bombs are tested. Feminazi cunt.

      • siyanahh says:

        That is for “jess” btw filthy little whore

      • Magusrex says:

        You’re right ! Jess is a filthy little whore biting AND chewing tatums ass like a sugar coated rubber band while Roto virus diarrhea shoots out his ass like a fire hose charged with maggots fish guts from puss filled sacks of syphillis oozing pustules ….. WTF?

    • siyanahh says:

      Hey jess you fucking whore You’re the dumbest slutty cunt that has ever been born. Why dont you go suck every dick at a frat house you dirty fucking slut just because you want to eat channing tatums asshole out after he had the stomach flu. People like you need to be sent to a private island but not some paradise. More like an iand on which atmoic bombs are tested. Feminazi cunt.

      • Nootnoot says:

        You seem fun at parties. Idk what indicated hat jess was even a feminist. Please consider suicide before saying stupid shit next time.

  8. De says:

    COLLIN FARREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Josh says:

    Linsay Lohan – whats she done really appart from rob a few places..

  10. oboema says:

    It’s a long time ago, but i always get sick when i see a re-run of who’s the boss: TONY DANZA

    • Magusrex says:

      I watched that only because Judith Light filled some quasi edipus complex that I had and aroused me as a teenager like a 40s something woman shouldn’t have. ….. My bad.

  11. Brett says:

    How did Rob Schneider miss this list?

  12. Tommy says:

    Lol most of these I agree with. But ben affleck was awesome in pearl harbor.

  13. regs says:

    Ray Romano,David Spade,Steven Seagal.
    And Drew Barrymore is not annoying at all,shes good actress.

  14. faf says:

    omg no wallacec shawn ?? his face is just srsly messed up and he annoys the hell out of me with his personality… (goddamn eureka s04e18) just wanna punch him

  15. EsoxLucius says:

    The title of the “World’s Worst Actor of All Time” has to go to that prick Steven Seagull! I can’t think of one film where I haven’t burst out laughing at his attempts at acting. His biography states that he is a 7th Dan Aikido ………Hahaha! The wanker can barely move! He must have bought that Black Belt! I watched him being interviewed on UK TV and he tried to play a guitar and SING!!! I felt embarrassed for him.

  16. Ridiculous says:

    This has to be one of the worst lists I’ve seen. Are you basing this list on bad acting or annoying actors? Mark Wahlberg is a academy award nominee, his role in The Departed and The Fighter are worth mentioning. Nicolas Cage may have been in some bad movies but he was great in Leaving Las Vegas. And do you really think Ben Affleck is bad? I thought he was great in The Town, Good Will Hunting, and Smoking Aces. Bottom line here is a lot of actors make bad decisions and have bad movies, but that doesn’t make them a bad actor. Keanu Reeves is just plain bad as well as Paul Walker, they will never be good because you can’t fix bad acting. Next time do some more research or watch more movies before you make a decision on someones acting by the clothes their wearing or their looks.

    • kjs says:

      oh my god thank you

    • liam says:

      Wahlberg has been in great movies, as you’ve said, but that doesn’t change the fact that HE CAN’T ACT.
      He can’t even speak without a lisp. Now, while I realise that is a malady, most don’t people aren’t born with a true blank slate potential; such is life. I, unfortunately, wasn’t gifted with vast amounts of fast twitch muscle, great flexibility, and superb hand-eye coordination, but that doesn’t matter since I’m not a professional athlete. Too bad that actors have no such barrier to their profession. All they need are for people to watch their movies. Wahlberg must have an outstanding agent. Additionally, Wahlberg must have a terrific eye for scripts since he has been in a huge number of great movies.
      BTW, I’m not saying Wahlberg is a douchebag. In fact, everything I’ve heard about him has been positive. He seems like a really nice guy, but that simply doesn’t change the fact that his on-screen persona doesn’t change from role to role.
      If you want to see a chameleon, look at people like Christian Bale, Ed Norton, Philip Hoffman, or Meryl Streep, Helena Carter, and Kate Winslet.

      • Magusrex says:

        MWs acting was spot on in three kings. Knew a guy in the gulf exactly just like him. Awesome in the Departed… Yes he does have a tendency to play some repetitive characters though. He was really good as a young John Holmes in Boogie Nights, lower than average IQ hung like a horse, praise hungry exploitation teen.

    • José says:

      Finally someone normal! People here are just being dicks! Someone even wrote above Christian Bale is a bad actor. WTF?!
      Also, fuck this list. I would like to see what this fucktard considers a good actor.

    • E5ten says:

      I’d say Keanu is slightly better than paul walker, but both are pretty bad. I disagree about Mark Wahlberg, he sucks.

    • Magusrex says:

      I concur with most of the authors choices, and I agree with you, I like MW an MM. MW was great in three kings, and ditto on departed. What every needs to bear in mind is to ask yourself this question. .. If the director cast someone else in that role would it change the movie for the worse? Ben A, has four emotions and every movie he’s been in that’s been good is because the cast or the story carried his pretty boy ass along with them. Name a movie that just could not have been successful or good had not Benjie been in it? nor, can he ever ever sell it as an intellectual.

  17. hollisss says:

    Whether I agree or not your descriptions were very funny.

  18. David Galloway says:

    I think that some of the actors and actresses active years ago were far worse. Two that immediately come to mind are Sonny Tufts and Arch Hall, Jr. The latter starred in several movies directed by his father Arch Hall, Sr. Zsa Zsa Gabor made some really awful movies during that time period. Two recent stars who are absolutely terrible are Pia Zadora and Paris Hilton. There are so many to choose from it is hard to limit the list.

  19. alex oxalde says:

    dude, i would like to see you do a better acting job. anyways, if you dont like watching them, simple: dont watch. stop bitching about them behind your computer.

    • Ultrabeast says:

      What movies have you been in little kid? Keanu is God. Watch Constantine or Speed and tell me he’s a bad actor.

      • Magusrex says:

        Seen both and he’s a bad actor. But I like watching him anyway. He’s like raviolis… Shit food you like to eat.

    • William Wallace says:

      I don’t agree with some of his choices, but your argument is invalid and very retarded. He’s not pretending to be a professional actor and he can express his taste in things. In fact he’s supposed to express his views and not keep his mouth shut, this is why our first amendment protects freedom of speech. It’s guys like you who are incapable of critical thinking that bring mediocrity to this country.

  20. sea men says:

    First of all H Christiansen wasn’t in Star Wars I, but from your pathetic, half assed, pop culture educated opinion I’m geussing facts and accuracy aren’t as high on your priority list as running your pie hole.

    I don’t dispute he sucks ass as an “actor”

    Secondly N Cage is by no means a bad actor. You may have missed 8 MM or Leaving Las Vegas (bad movie, great performance) or Snakeyes?

    • sea men says:

      How the hell did Will Ferrell and Mathew Broderick not make this list? And Charlie Sheen?

      • Choke on Dick says:

        All three of them are amazing. Just because you might not like their personalities or characters doesnt mean theyre bad actors

    • Magusrex says:

      Yes NC can act given the right script. He was perfect in leaving LV. Movie would have not become a cult classic without his performance. 8mm was another good one. But he’s done a lot of shit work and can’t seem to determine a good script “for him”.

  21. steven says:

    hayden christensen was not in star wars episode 1 dumb ass!!! and the prequels are better the the original.

  22. Vital says:

    Person who made this post is a 15 year old kid i think.. Total nonsence.

  23. Bob says:

    Were there no bad actors before the 90’s? What about the ICE brothers? Ice T and Ice Cube?

  24. Enuff Warz says:

    you guys forgot Shia LeBouf……ughhh the worst actor of all time who got the best movies……

  25. Wes says:

    Kevin Costner

    • alex says:

      Im so glad someone finally said KEVIN COSTNER. His horrible acting killed dances with wolves

      • Peter says:

        You douche clearly have no taste!

      • Magusrex says:

        Alex you are either joking, which is hard to tell in text format or you are truly the first human to hum the lyrics to Le Freak while having ones head so far up his own ass that the sound of his own heartbeat is an affront to the human race as a whole. (How’s that !! 😜)

  26. Rahsgey says:

    His name is Rah because he looks like a monster. Do not fret, your futile attempt to slander all of these actors/actress’s is because you’re mad. You say it’s opinion, but I argue you’re pontificating.

  27. mario says:

    worst article and worst list every u lost all your credibility when you said starwars epidode 1 – 2 -3 was the worst movie ever and saying HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN played in EPISODE 1.. he wasnt even in episode 1 you idiot retard dont post article on the net when you dont know what you are talking about

  28. U-Turn says:

    Most of your comments are rendered ignorant due to jealousy.
    I feel ya, “homes.”
    “Why are these nobody’s making so much more money than me?”

  29. You know who really annoys me? People who are defending those people on the list… except Nicolas Cage. Maybe he’s a little annoying, but he’s been in some very good movies (The Bad Lieutenant, for example). Oh, and Ben Affleck is developing into a brilliant director. Who’s Tara Reid?

  30. Chuck says:

    I’m glad you listed Mark Wahlberg – he’s the second worst actor going today, only topped by Keanu Reeves. How Wahlberg got to be an “actor” (or model, for that matter) is beyond me. He got lucky, extremely lucky, for the success of “The Fighter”. The fact that he received a best-actor nomination for “The Departed” is a travesty and one of the biggest jokes in Academy Awards history. The person who nominated him ought to be shot. If that squinty-eyed “actor” ever wins an Academy Award I’ll give up watching movies forever.

    • Magusrex says:

      Tru Dat, not academy level material like Halle Barry’s performance in Monsters Ball. But the “movie” was fantastic and his performance was good and above par.

  31. joe says:

    you forgot the absolute worst actor of all time /worst director and worst producer will ferell who takes an excellent movie/t.v. show that is loved by many over time and turns it into a disaster so bad there is a run on barf bags when he is through with it and that is the best of the comments I have heard the others would not be printable

  32. chris says:

    great list. Mark wahlberg puts no emotion into his lines, unless it’s anger. He gets the parts matt damon refuses I think. With the millions of struggling GOOD actors I am personally pissed off I have to watch him ruin a perfectly decent movie since he seems to lack human emotion. Haydensen is a great add to your list too- and his clone christian bale

  33. chris says:

    ie got to add though, aftersome reflection, that The Other Guys was a decent movie with wahlberg and ferrel, even though I can’t stand to watch either beg for attention. It wasn’t the best movie but it was watchable- especially for the line: “you learned to dance sarcastically?”…. Balancing out this small compliment to mark e mark, I will just say Planet of the Apes

  34. teknerd says:

    Im sure someone already told you this but Hayden Christensen was NOT in SW Episode I. Only II and III. And your opinion of SW Episode III is quite harsh, it has been stated that it is one of the better prequels and it actually somewhat measures up to the original trilogy in many ways. That is obviously my opinion, but there it is. Now, I agree with your statement that Hayden is a hack actor though, he is lucky to have had good people surrounding him on the set such as Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portmon.

    • Magusrex says:

      Don’t fixate on the mistake on ep. #1. H sux, but seems to land good scripts. Jumper was like that. That movie could have been awesome with say .. Idk…anyone else in the part?

  35. drewblew says:

    drew barrymore is SUPER ANNOYING! her voice, and her trying to be too intelligent because she grew up around adults and using drugs she feels she has to make up for her losing her childhood-so if she pretends to be super articulate, we’ll all see she was too smart to every be a real kid…she’s super boring too.

  36. drewblew says:

    the worst actors of this generation: Keanu Reeves; Kevin Costner; Drew Barrymore; Julianna Hough; and Nicolas Cage

    • joe says:


    • cjcupid says:

      Nicolas cage won Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, also nominated for best actor for Adaptation. Fabulous actor. Good natured person. BTW, how old are you, 12?

  37. Manny says:

    Mark ruffalo

  38. Zach says:

    Mcconaughey and affleck were together in a movie that was great and it is dazed and confused that has to give them some sort of props

  39. Sam says:

    Where the HE’LL is pauli shore?!

  40. billy says:

    your a fucking mistake and a moron you basterd if you think star wars sucka. burn in hell you bloody little fuck

  41. Charlotte says:

    Urgh I agreed with EVERYTHING up until Kirsten Dunst. 😦 Don’t you hate on my girl crush.

  42. Silrak says:

    Jesus this list is terrible!!! NOT a single Jew!!! JEWS can’t act to ave themselves from kirk douglas to jessie eisenberg!!! They are only actors because of their Jewish connections in hollyweird and the list goes on… Jack black awful, adam sandler awwful, judd hirsch, awful, woody allen awful, etc, etc, etc, all Jewish are the worst and most annoying actors!!!

    • Jake says:

      I would think that, despite this being a bashing blog, this comment is the beyond offensive and should not be removed. (I am not Jewish).

  43. dc says:

    Only one I disagree with is Steven Segal. Yes he is not a good actor but he is one hell of a martial arts master. He is a master of Aikido which does not require him to do fancy flying or impractical martial arts, he is also a full-time police officer for which he draws no salary and lives off of the money he makes and has made from his martial arts talent. I mean come on how many Hollywood celebs do you know that work full time community service jobs let alone for free. That alone should buy him off this list.

  44. Mike says:

    This should be a lesson to everybody out there. Despite your desires and self beliefs, not everyone was born to write.

  45. benne says:

    UR A FUCKING IDIOT. end of discussion.

  46. jesse says:

    you guy’s forgot to say casper van dien-starship troopers,really?

  47. Sirisha says:

    Where is K-stew ???

  48. Jackie Chan says:

    Re: Steven Seagal. You have something against “Asian eyes”? What if I said Vin Diesel is annoying because his features look too Iranian even though he’s a Jew.

  49. Stephen says:

    How on earth did Bruce Willis not make the top 5?

    Seriously, how many cheesy Die Hard movies does this d-bag have to make before he is recognized as one of the worst actors ever? Oh look, he plays another cheesy, dumb guy in this one? Wow, what a shock.

    And some of these choices are idiotic because they are actors that no one has ever heard of. Who the hell is Paul Walker or Channing Tatum? Teen movie stars?

    I do agree with your choices of Spade, Affleck, Cage, Reeves, and McConaughey. They are all abysmal.

  50. lilloba says:

    everyone forgot to put the worst ones of them all
    1. kristen stewart …. blank face always looking like she’s high emotionless acting worst of all time.and then you have
    christain bale
    chuch norris
    megan fox
    scarlett johansson
    angelina jolie
    all of them use their so called good looks to get by in acting

    • Nene says:

      I agree with Drew Barrymore. I currently am experiencing the dubious pleasure of her acting and well.. there’s not much there.
      Kristen Stewart I was going to mention her next but you beat me to it. It’s amazing her face doesn’t change at all during movies. I watched her in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and she did a lot of weird shit to make up for her bad acting.
      My first thought upon reading this article list was “Who pissed him off?”.

  51. Bo Jangles says:

    I think rose 19 might be retarded…

  52. Bo Jangles says:

    I think Ultrabeast may also be considered “special”

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  55. mark says:

    100% most annoying piece of shit, wannabe Actor/terrible comedian…George Lopez! he sucks, I almost love to hate him..if i see him on tv, sure i’ll give him a ratings boost for a couple minutes, to watch in anger and disgust at how this man believes he is smarter and funnier than everyone..I’d like to beat his bowling ball head like a pinata, and watch the rice and black beans ooze from his skull. YOU SUCK GEORGE LOPEZ, you lucky, ugly sonofabitch…Whew!! that felt good!

    • Bahaha bahaha says:

      This is fantastic! It’s awesome when I can sense real frustration & satisfaction just by reading your post!

  56. Silrak says:

    You don’t think Jewish actors are annoying? You ass! They’re everywhere! You’re racist!

    • J. says:

      Lol, so someone NOT disliking Jewish actors makes him racist?
      You aren’t the smartest out there, are you?!

      • Silrak says:

        Reverse racism, you idiot! He’s anti-white not anti-Jewish! That’s what makes him a racist! And yeah he likes Jewish actors but not white ones. Fucking racist!… Dumb ass!

  57. Brad Johnson says:

    Idiot. Hayden was not in the phantom menace. That should tell you all you need to know about this article

  58. ricky says:

    Isnt ashton Kutcher on this list?Why do they keep casting him? He absolutely SUCKS!!

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  60. Silk says:

    Obviously a fucking anti-Christian Semitic fucking Jew fucktard wrote this! JEWS ARE THE WORST ACTORS/ACTRESSESS EVER!!!

  61. Claire Broling says:

    What about Mel Gibson and his two facial expressions?

  62. cjcupid says:

    Without a doubt Nicolas Cage is one of the best actors ever. He’s made some bad movies cuz he needed to pay taxes but otherwise most people over 18 that I know love him. Those who put actors down because of physical “defects” have got to be young and despicable and cruel. They also must be ugly to look at.

  63. GeriBeron Toadvin says:

    Paul Walker wasn’t a terrible actor, he’s dead now, so please respect the dead!

  64. Peter says:

    Take Paul Walker out! He’s dead and that’s disrespectful! And did anyone noticed Matthew McConaughey’s annoying accent? I can’t watch a movie without shouting ‘shut the fuck up!’

  65. Gofuk Yurselff says:

    Rah, You were post article proven WRONG Dallas Buyers Club. If you don’t agree then your opinion is worth…

  66. illuminatus veritas says:

    You are a fucking shallow ass clown! Someday, someone is going to bitch slap,pound fuck your malignant carcass into the dirt..where you belong!! Get a hobby asshole..fucking troll.

  67. Zachd448 says:

    this lists plain out sucks balls

  68. Zachd448 says:

    This shallow prick is the worst list maker in the fuckin universe dumb asshole

  69. Bahaha bahaha says:

    The worst most annoying actors of all time… Really? Half of that list are actually great actors! Are we sure that the creator of this page isn’t just a hater with entirely too much time on his hands? Because it really seems like your upset that you aren’t the one making millions so u made this page to talk shit! So saying that… thank u for making a page to let me express my feelings about Charlie Day is the most annoying fucking actor I have ever seen! Seriously, that guy ruins every Movie & TV show he’s in! I swear it’s literally torture to have to suffer through his monotone screeching ass voice not to mention he’s a terrible actor to begin with! Sorry for the rant but, just finished horrible bosses & I haven’t seen it in a while but, I now realized he ruined that movie after watching it again! Thanks for the time.

  70. Kelly says:

    You forgot to add Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel..they are both horrible actors..Timberlake has writers that can write some what decent jokes on SNL but in a movie that ppl have to fork over alot of money for.. no. I have wanted money back for ppl who paid for me to watch his crap. I felt that no one should suffer through their horrid acting, lack of being a character and the fact that they are both seat can add Beyonce too.

  71. Silk says:

    Hey how dare you rate me 8 down. You’re either all Jews or Jewish lovers! Who all stick together and have no idea what real talent is! Gary Oldman, John Hurt, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Anthony Hopkins, I could go on! The point is gentile actors and/or Christians are far more talented and superior than Jewish ones who did not get into acting by their own merits but because they have Jewish connections in Hollyweird!!! All of you 8 people that voted me down are ignorant, arrogant, Jews yourselves or Jew lovers! You know I’m right!

  72. Nigel Nix says:

    Milla Jovovich is also crap…just cause she does this smoker cough scream….the same bloody annoying scream used in fifth element, Joan of Arc and resident evil. She sucks!

  73. Martin says:

    Hayden was not in Star Wars 1…….

  74. usuckmajorshit says:

    oscar winning bad actor matthew mcconaughey lol
    ashamed of yourself with this list now huh?

  75. Robert says:

    I am laughing my ass off with this list!!! Specially with Nicolas Cage, couldn’t agree more!

  76. aldkif says:

    Christian Bale (wife beater that loves himself too much)
    Adam Sandler (sucks and just makes movies to put his friends in and see’s if anyone is dumb enough to watch to make them all some cash)
    Emma Watson’s eyebrows (moved with every word she says when excited in Harry Potter films). And Kristen Stewart just seems like someone is forcing her to be on camera.

  77. Harvey says:

    Hi admin do you need unlimited content for your page ?

    What if you could copy article from other sources, make it pass copyscape test and publish on your blog – i know the right tool for you, just search in google:
    Loimqua’s article tool

  78. JJ says:

    John Malkovich. Most annoying human alive.

  79. Boner Medicine says:

    Wow this is a great list. You hit it on the screws. Those are all on my list. Good job to you

  80. kammef says:

    I agree completely all these people cannot act and I have no idea why they are hired to be in movies and I definitely won’t spend my money to pay to watch them and there are hundreds of other bad actors as well

  81. flip says:

    my list michael cera sucks steve martin and steve carell keanu reeves mike myers brad pitt mark wahlberg ben affleck angelina jolie jennifer aniston . michael and the 2 steves and mike aint really funny nor good actors acting stupid aint funny and the rest are overated.and ben is actually alright he just happens to be in the worst movie ever gigli

  82. Hellfire23 says:

    I know these people are not really well known but how about Asim Wali who is boring as fuck and Tony Babcock that is so lame. Both have no talent and are awful people in real life. Bunch of con artists. I have no problem with other actors out there as they least have something to offer the industry but those just suck .

  83. JOE ZTLaw says:

    you forgot the absolute worst actor /director/producer in history will ferrell he ruins good movies in doing remakes after he is finished you need barf bags

  84. Logan says:

    I agree with most….all but Paul Walker

  85. Freya says:

    Hilarious, I agree with so many of these!
    Except Drew Barrymore, absolutely love her.

  86. John John says:

    This author suffers from bipolar disorder.

  87. guy says:

    ice cube should have been included on thiis list. rank number 1

  88. Tom Green, Adam Sandler, Jaden Smith, Mel Gibson, Tyler Perry, Polly Shore, Kevin Hart, Reese Witherspoon, and January Jones were all missing from this list. They all should have been included in this list.

  89. TCS says:

    Just jealous because each of these actors are famous whilst you’re still just a loser.

    • Bitch Pussy says:

      Why would he be jealous, you cunt? He thinks they are terrible fucking actors and that’s his opinion. You may agree with his choices or disagree with his choices but I don’t see a need to fucking analyze him like you are a fucking shrink! We pay money to see good movies with good actors in it. Nothing wrong in that attitude. If we don’t get our money’s worth, we have every reason to rant.That’s what critics do you dumb motherfucker. Only difference is, some are paid and some aren’t. Fucking Doofus!

  90. Izzy says:

    Hayden Christensen was only in star wars 2 and 3, not even the worst ones. Which everyone can agree was 1. Just a heads up before you bash people look up all your information first, so you don’t look stupid.

  91. Jake says:

    Agree with your list – some, more than others, but I laughed hard when I read your comment about Drew Barrymore. Just the photo alone would suffice. Cannot act.

  92. Hating McHater says:

    Kevin Costner is more wooden than a bucket of toothpicks

  93. Jessup says:

    You must have tried being an actor and failed miserably.

  94. Seriously are you retarded or something? First of all if you are going to bash people atleast have your facts right. Tara Reid might be annoying, but she has appeared in American Pie and The motherfucking Big Lebowski, Drew Barrymore is really a good actress, maybe she has done some pretty dumb movies over the years but she has given great performances in movies like Scream, Grey Gardens, Miss you already, etc. and Matthew Mcconaughey is a pretty good actor, he was the best part in Dazed and Confused, he was pretty good in Tropic Thunder as well and I know this movies came after this post, but he showed great acting in Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, and Interstellar

  95. tony rome says:

    How about Kate Hudson. Just when you think shes faded away she shows up on AOL to promote herself———–scantilly clad

  96. Bob says:

    Tara Reid was in one good movie: the big lebowski.

    And Hayden Christianson wasn’t in star wars episode I….

  97. John R says:

    Pretty good list and a lot of folks that we seem to easily perceive as ass-hats of one sort or another. A point of order on Hayden Christiansen who was actually NOT in Star Wars Episode I. He was good in Jumper but his performance in the Stars Wars movies was admittedly pretty horrible. I also think that we live in a country that sometimes resents folks who just seem to have gotten too much fame. I especially don’t like it when celebrities use their status as justification to share their political views. Many of them just end up looking like over-privileged pricks and big babies. I make it a point to pointedly ignore their opinions.

  98. You forgot Merle Streep she sucks donkey dicks not really she eats pussy like all the leftest liberals and Democrats woman she should be ashamed of her self for saying Donald Trump made fun of a disable guy. It was Ted Cruz you dumb bitch. Your singing and your acting sucks. Now that’s real news not your fake news you Hillary muff muncher you should be at the top of this list.

  99. Rob says:

    Whoever compiled this list was 99% accurate. I would’ve taken keanu off because of the matrix movie and added Adam Sandler instead. Other than that, the list is perfect

  100. Nick says:

    Some Retard must have made this list

  101. Jaylee says:

    Ben Affleck& Hayden Christiansen don’t belong on your crap list.
    A number of others – yes, especially Nicolas Cage.

    Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?
    Maybe you suck big time & worse than your list of annoying people

  102. El Lay says:

    what a difference 7 years makes, huh? Keanu Reeves has another hit franchise. Ben Affleck is Batman and a respected director, Channing Tatum is a regular in Steven Soderbergh movies, and Paul Walker is dead! Michael Cera still sucks

  103. Anonymous says:

    Did you really just say hayden was in star wars ep 1? Thats even funnier than you saying david spade is annoying

  104. Anonymous says:

    You should replace paul walker with adam though.

  105. weorkkowerwer says:

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