Why do people hate NJ if Connecticut exists?

thanks.. really helpful

This just needs to be addressed. Connecticut is the worst state. It just plain sucks. The painful truth of it all, is that Conn. is just nothing, it’s horribly mediocre. As I was driving to Boston this weekend (a great city, not quite as awesome as NYC though), I made a short stop in CT to grab some gas and food, and really, I never thought much of the state until I was there most recently. CT is in fact the worst place I’ve ever visited, I hate it. First, and the most annoying, is that 90% of CT is made up of traffic. Literally every highway surrounding CT is just jam packed with traffic and there’s no way around it. You might be asking yourself why this state has so much traffic, and to be quite honest, not even Jesus himself could answer that for you. It might just be masses of CT population leaving the state each day because it sucks so bad.

ANYWAYS. On we go with the bash-a-thon shall we. The trafficy-ness of CT leads me to my next HUGE error with this state. Their damn speed limit on basically all of their highways is 55MPH. WTFACK? So, I have to drive through this place and move at a slower pace than any other state? Am I purposely being tortured? Then there’s the fact that it’s called CONNECTicut, it’s got connect in it’s name, which leads me to believe that it is merely a means by which all other east coasters may reach New York City.

I was willing at this point to just call it a day and say that CT sucks, but then I made my way to one of their McDonalds. This particular McDonalds was packed. I soon discovered that all the people in CT are zombies. First our order was taken by someone who was so completely miserable sounding that I feared I may have done something wrong. Fine, people who work at McDonalds probably hate it, so it’s w/e. THEN I sit down with my brother, we’re talking about whatever and it becomes glaringly obvious that we are the ONLY people in the whole establishment communicating with one another. That’s right, EVERYONE was sitting at their tables silently, the lack of conversation disgustingly obvious.

Also, 50 cent lives there. Apparently George Bush was born there. The back of the CT state quarter is a tree. Even people from there have nothing good to say about it. I generally advise you not to visit this Connecticut place. Just don’t.

44 Responses to “Why do people hate NJ if Connecticut exists?”
  1. CTPerson says:

    You are making up facts. Connecticut may suck, but it’s not that bad. Also, NY has a state speed limit of 50 or 55. Some highways in ct go up to 70.

  2. you suck says:

    Fuck you. If you don’t like Connecticut then just stay the fuck out. There’s a reason we aren’t nice to you. We don’t like assholes here. If you’re not from here and you don’t like us it’s probably because you’re jealous. We think we’re better than you for a very good reason; because we are.

    • You're a sterotypical ct faggot says:

      That just proves the point that people from ct are self centered cunts like yourself. I live in ct and I hate it. You assholes get spoiled to hell. I have to work for shit. I can’t say “can I have this” and have it appear in the next 30 seconds. No one would be jelous of this shit hole.

    • chevypillow says:

      I’m from CT and I completely agree with you, this place sucks. And the people are awkward and annoying.

    • stu katz says:

      Here you are. That’s why CT sucks. I live here and stuck with all these arrogant pricks thinking this state rules. Short man syndrome everywhere.

    • ff@hotmail.com says:

      I unfortunately moved to CT when I was 13 and lived there for 20 years before moving to NY.
      The economic, social and overall opportunities in NY are much higher then in loser CT. The only wealth that exists is NY money in lower Fairfield County. The outdated and very poor transportation system will destroy that state, no doubt. I personally cannot stand the CT losers who come into NY for work. Overall CT is an extremely pretentious and boring as hell state with no future a tall. Hows that budget doing assholes.

    • Account One says:

      Connecticut sucks and your an idiot. THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE WANT TO MOVE BUT CAN’T DUMBASS! IT has the highest rate of people wanting to move besides Illinois because of Chicago’s gun violence. The job growth here is almost 4 times lower than the rate countrywide in the last year. There are no good jobs UNLESS you know someone. Taxes are high. People are stuck up and conceded. They have no problem kicking someone when they are down figuratively speaking. The seasons are horrible with winters getting worse. Even part of this spring was cold.

      And the majority of people here are assholes. You’re an asshole and are the reason why this state is so bad. You shouldn’t even be living in the USA. Move out and take boat to Cuba.

    • CTgarbage says:

      Man fuck this comment, and fuck you. People in CT are either communists, racists, zoophiles, pedophiles, fat retarded trash, or all of the above. Most people here are UGLY too. Oh and god forbid you actually want to work hard and honestly for your money and get paid a decent wage.. That’s a JOKE here, akin to believing in Santa Claus.

  3. K says:

    I don’t believe you have enough empirical research to come to this conclusion. To be fair, you only visited a few places within a few short hours at one given time of the year. Connecticut has approximately 169 towns. The towns are grouped into eight counties. I believe you should conduct some research in each county in order to come to these findings. Please report back these statistics once you do, and then I will see and understand the validity and reliability of your hypothesis (that Connecticut sucks). Better yet, try to do that in other states as well and see if you have similar results. Oh, or try to do this during each season of the year to see if there are any additonal changes. What a wonderful research study!

    • UNSTAR88 says:

      It does not matter which county that you plan to visit. They’re all the same country, middle-of-nowhere type of setup except for Fairfield County. At least Fairfield County is actually pretty close to normal but, even so I still don’t like Connecticut. People here like to stereotype off of first appearance. The one most important reason why Connecticut sucks ass is that the people here don’t like change. The same change that will make this dry, boring state better. Look at the stats, young people ages 18-35 moving out of Connecticut at a faster pace than any other state in the US. That means more taxes and less jobs.

  4. CT IS ASS! says:

    I moved to CT from NYC and this place is dog shit compared to NY. There is nothing to do, all the white people here are racist and try to avoid to the minorities. Majority of the people are fat and boring, the state is so segregated, you have all the whites living in places like Greenwich and all the blacks and Latinos living in shitholes like Bridgeport, New Haven, and Waterbury (which looks like a post apocalyptic city with all of the abandoned factories and burnt down houses.) So to conclude my comment, Connecticut is a shithole filled with a whole bunch of self-centered pricks.

    • Dally says:

      Go back to NY then. Evidently, according to you only CT cities have blacks living in them. The rest of the country, including NYC have pristine, white cities without “segregated” areas. Where do the blacks live in NYC then? Sounds like you have not traveled much beyond NY and CT. The rest of the country have shit holes too, check out areas of Michigan that is are abandoned ghost towns since the auto industry left. And New Orleans, yeah that place sounded like a slice of heaven when Katrina struck and all the poor blacks were left behind and then the ensuing aftermath and crime that occurred. But hey CT is the worst place in the country, possibly the universe.

      • CT Still Sucks says:

        Let me stop you there, New York does have minorities I’m not saying it doesn’t but it’s more diverse and there’s more cultural infusion than CT. When I went to Fairfield with a few my Hispanic and black friends it seemed like everyone was scared and some what surprised of all these Hispanics and blacks were in “there” town (generally because Fairfield is a mostly white town.) And I’ve been to other areas such as Florida, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago, and it’s ghettos is on whole nother’ level compared to Waterbury or Hartfords ghettos but at least the people there more friendly. See you just define a Connecticut resident always trying to find the good things about CT but ignore all the bad, and just to end this off, if CT was so “great” why did 3 of its cities make it to Americas most dangerous cities? My point exactly.

      • UNSTAR88 says:

        That is the problem with the state of Connecticut is that they lack cultural infusion where I live in New York white, black, spanish it doesn’t matter almost everyone gets along but for some reason everyone is segregated. Nobody wants to get to know the next person and this is what makes Connecticut the reason why it’s so hard to live socially and I wouldn’t want to live somewhere where you’re only sticking to one race of people. It doesn’t make it easier that there’s absolutely NO middle class which so you’re either super rich or dirt poor. Then you have to pay road tax for your car and don’t even fix the roads. The women here are absolutely unattractive. The only hot ones are the ones with money and they only date other guys that have money.

    • “all the blacks and Latinos living in shitholes like Bridgeport, New Haven, and Waterbury (which looks like a post apocalyptic city with all of the abandoned factories and burnt down houses.)”

      So the welfare sucking animals turn their free government home into a shitholes as you described above. And we white folk should want to go anywhere near these filthy animals?
      Wake up. No matter where you live. NOBODY wants to live, work or play anywhere near these low life government sponsored street rats. Just like any other part of the US. We are no different. The downfall of a once great society. 3rd world welfare grubbing illegal scum. All liberal democratic votes!

    • Account One says:

      Yeah and the minorities here are racist as hell too. They seriously are. ALL people living here suck. Plain and simple.

  5. Dally says:

    I am from CT and yes it is a boring place and most people here are passive aggressive conformists and can be huge assholes, however, I don’t think CT is the worst state in the country. Having spent time in the mid West and the south I can say that the non culture of the mid west and the bible thumpers of the south make me happy to love in the northeast. I just wish people in CT could stop being so annoying. I love a New Yorkers for their honesty and spirit.

  6. Don't get my started says:

    First off this state is the WORST STATE in the northeast, I agree with the whole segregation thing I’ve been living in Waterbury, CT for about a year now and let’s just say it’s quite rare you find a white person downtown that isn’t drunk or on drugs. Also it’s seems like there isn’t nothing to do here besides do or sell drugs, pick up prostitutes, and stare at burnt down houses. I am also from New York, the Bronx to be more specific and it has been a huge step down for my family. The only thing about Waterbury that is good is that the rent is WAY cheaper than but to get cheap rents you have to live in ghetto areas, see the downside of this horrible state is? I’ve got family in Bridgeport, but let’s just say it isn’t any better than Waterbury. I’ve also got family in Stamford, Stamford isn’t really that bad it kind of reminds me of a mini Manhattan but the rents is quite high there too. My family is planning on moving back to the Bronx in the next few months ( thank god!). All I’m saying is if your planning on living in this shitty state, DONT MOVE HERE! If you live and like it, your a typical prissy son of a bitch that believe this shithole is the most amazing state in the whole world.

    • Connecticut is Hell. says:

      I come from New York, Queens more specifically and I agree with you that Connecticut sucks and anyone who moves here should move away immediately, but sadly it’s to late for me because my idiotic sister claims she’s from “The Hood” (Despite us living in a clean, beautiful, somewhat isolated suburban area for a long time) and she has more influence in the family then I do so when we speak with our parents she always wins the argument and we have to stay. So I have to deal with dimwitted alcoholics, drug addicts, aswell as be very careful when traveling outside due to a somewhat high crime rate! ( I recently came home from a weekend visit back to Queens with my Mother, and I was informed that two asian women were found dead, and I confirmed this by heading over to the area where the police had set up their investigation.)

    • Dally says:

      Go back to NY.

    • So NY has a better welfare program. Please go back asap. We don’t need or want another ghetto rat in Gutterbury. To many there now. Should just drop a bomb on it. Start over again without the rats.
      You know Waterbury used to be a lovely nice prosperous town and a great place to live.
      Guess what happened? Ghetto rats. You low life scum bag. Just like every other run down city. That’s in any state of the country. Nobody wants you scum around.

  7. Dally says:

    Waterbury and other cities in CT unfortunately have many sections that are crime ridden and unsafe. However, please tell me what cities in this country are safe. And the entire state of CT does not consist of “racist pricks” from Greenwich. Greenwich is an extremely wealthy town (i.e. Martha Stewart and other well known, high profile people). The rest of the state is nothing like Greenwich, although Fairfield county in general is wealthy (I consider that a suburb of NYC). So your narrow minded opinion of CT is not accurate nor is it fair. And by the way, the Bronx is no bargain either. Seems to me you don’t like CT because you are from NY and wish to be back there. CT is not the greatest place, but it certainly is not the worst either.

  8. Chiguy says:

    Connecticut certainly does have its beautiful areas with mountains and streams and nice towns like Simsbury but as a few have pointed out it is certainly not for everyone as it is very quiet (many of my neighbors like it that way and that’s great). That is about the limit to my positive experiences I’m afraid to say. I’m originally from Chicago and moved here three years ago. I’m a White collar professional so I live in one if the nice towns but the people here are simply rude and really uptight. I have given the area a fair chance over the last three years and at first thought it may be just because I’m new but no, they don’t talk to each other here and certainly don’t get together here for a beer and bonfire, at least not I the neighborhoods around here. Not sure about the rest of the country but during the storms here when I first moved here I have two neighbors with snowblowers and I did not have one. They would do their driveway and duck into their garage without an offer to help or allow me to use their snowblowers. I get it for a guy but my ex wife had the exact same thing happen to her with her neighbors. Honestly to have a snowblower and not help out a single mom of two your just a plain dick (excuse my French) and yes I went over after and shoveled it by hand.

    As for the cost of living here it is MUCH more expensive than most of the US. I get that much of the northeast is expensive but why is the price of electricity the second highest behind Hawaii?. Why is a good portion of the state still bloody using expensive oil?

    Now before you say move back to Chicago, which I would in a heartbea, I can’t since my ex wife and kids are here so must stay six more years until they are off to college. I must add that the dating scene at 40 is not the best as many of the people, both male and female here are overweight and simply do not take care of themselves. I get the cold winters but other parts of the country have that too.

    • Jean says:

      I know what you mean about neighbors with snowblowers who do not help others without one. I am a petite woman (110 lbs) in my early 50’s and I can’t tell you how many times I was out there struggling to shovel the snow and not one of my male “neighbors” offered to help me once while there did their own driveways. And my driveway is very long and steep. I found that deplorable. People here are selfish and yes, very uptight. But to be fair, after living in South Florida, the land of the angry NY seniors, nothing compares to the rudeness and selfishness of that place. If you were stranded on the side of the road no one would offer to help.

  9. Chiguy says:

    Well maybe it’s a northeast phenomena that they take with them south, certainly not like that in Midwest and I suspect many other parts of US. I suppose many people either want to be alone so enjoy it here or have family here and are forced to stay here and pay higher prices to live in a place with selfish people.

    • Jean says:

      Mind you, I am no big fan of CT, however, I worked for a company that was based in Lake Geneva, WI and I trained there for about 2 weeks and spent some subsequent time there as well. Talk about BORING, the worst food EVER and no fashion sense or style. And by the way, I did not find the people at that company to be all that nice. Not to mention it was so cold there it actually made me appreciate CT, even though I was living in Florida at the time. Anyway, WI seemed very “back woods” with all the ice fishing and hunting. CT is bad but after visiting that place I realized that there are worse places to live. Lake Geneva is no Newport of the mid west as they called it. And yes, I know Chicago is suppose to be nice and all but I will take NYC any day of the week. Sorry, I just calling it as I see it.

  10. Nasenbohrer says:

    I have to say CT DOES SUCK! I lived there for 8 years and some of these so called affluent areas west of Hartford are full of townies that hang out at the local gin mill FOREVER! I moved away 20 years ago and I’ll bet if I go back to one of these places that remind me of Moe’s on the Simpsons that the same degerates are still hanging out there. The most provincial minded area I’ve visited in my life BAR NONE!

  11. biff says:

    Looks like Dally and a few others on here are suffering from a case of denial. Not suprising, most of the lucky wealthy people here are. You cant keep repeating the same argument over and over about other places in the world having ghettos. People already know that. The reason they are miserable and complaining is because through their personal experience, there is a comparison of a better life someone else and they feel cheated by the state that we are all trapped in and will never have a chance to leave.

    People of America; please disregard any posts by people who have an over inflated sense of pride regarding the state of CT. Since they like to tout a similar argument, I shall simply say there are always a few of those monkeys in every barrel.

    For a state that generates more revenue than any other, the sheer volume of damaged roads, abandoned property, crime, homeless, citizens on welfare and such that common sense can only lead one to believe in grave corruption and mismanagement of both state and town goverments.

    Let’s not forgot the day govenor Roland did prison time for charges of corruption. Connecticut is poorly managed, and survives off of the fact Hartford is riddled with insurance companies. That, and the wealthy have taken what is left of the countryside and more quiter areas and squared them off to themselves, far away from all the noise and danger. They are not just nieghborhoods, they are entire towns. Very quiet, very expensive rural towns. CT has problems that need to be addressed.

    In short, yes, I agree. CT sucks, and I do not advise anyone to move here.

    • Dally says:

      I don’t have to defend anything. I don’t appreciate being labelled and lumped into a group of people you obviously hate in CT. I have traveled extensively and have lived in other areas of the country. I am a fairly open minded person and I agree that the people in CT, in general, are a_sholes. Some of your points are valid about the rotten roads, etc. but your condescending and judgmental attitude about everything makes you a person that would not be pleasant in any area of the country. And please, as bad as CT is, there are plenty other areas of the country that have many, many issues….and that was my point, but you are too nasty and mean-spirited so you completely missed it.

  12. New Yorker at Heart says:

    I had to spend some time in northern CT and I can honestly say my favorite thing about it was that I was only a twenty minute drive to the train station to get back to New York City. There are a lot of snobby people and they have nothing to be snobby about. CT is also horrible for young people because it so boring and there is absolutely no culture which drove me nuts. The only reason to go to CT is if you are dying because every day feels like an eternity, otherwise the only thing to do is leave.

  13. William G says:

    I was born and raised in CT. After 36 Years of living there, I left in 2006. In 2007 I intentionally returned but didn’t stay. Haven’t been back for a visit since. Place just sucks. I lived in Bridgeport, CT and yes, it was terrible.

    West Haven was a little better, then it started its ghetto slide, so it sucks too. No intention of ever returning there to live.

  14. Chad Henneth says:

    Stay the f’ out of eastern Conn as it’s the complete opposite of what little New York boy thinks he knows about Conn. More woods, farms, backroads and country than you’re soft, bigmouthed NY asses can handle. We can spot you faggots from a thousand miles away whenever you somehow stray from the shit part of Conn and end up in the eastern Conn countryside. And yes, it’s nice and white in most of eastern Conn. Come here with your mooka ooka-shit and see what happens. All of you f’n NY, NJ, and west of the river gold coasters: stay the f’ away. Go f’n play with yourselves in your rat infested, hipster-faggot cities.

  15. GoPatriots says:

    Lets be reasonable, the New Yorkers dislike Connecticut so much because our pizza is by far superior to their terrible pies. They probably also dislike Connecticut so much because we have things like clean air, grocery stores, and yards. They are probably also confused when they get here because unlike New York, not every single thing is covered in a layer of grime. Oh, and you probably won’t have to step over bum vomit on your way to work if you live in Connecticut. Perhaps we should start charging tolls solely to New Yorkers at our borders, make it $10 to enter our fine state, seeing as how they charge an arm and a leg to drive on their pot hole filled shitty highways. You know what I dislike? All of you people commuting from New York to Boston that use our highways for free and drive like complete jackasses, seriously, if you love New York so much, why don’t you bypass Connecticut by taking your crappy throughway up to Albany then get on the Mass. Pike from there? See, easy enough morons.

  16. kawonb says:

    So let me get this straight… You stopped at a rest stop in CT and made the determination in those few minutes that the entire state sucks…?

  17. RyanT says:

    First, are you f-in kidding me, help a nieghbor without a snowblower?! Thats (rich).
    They have the audacity to hand you license plate which says- the constitution state- yet they make decisions behind closed doors without democratic process. Shut up and pay your taxes.
    Second, they tax the crap out of the middle class,and industry. Eventually their *plan* will drive away industry and the middle class, happening now. When their plan becomes reality, the only ones left will be the arrogant elitists driving their expensive cars, looking down their noses at everyone’s else.
    Sure they can (afford) it, and as far as I can see, they can have it. Let those condescending dirt bags pay (extra) for the illusion of hierarchy, they deserve to have their monies taxed from them relentlessly. A wise man once said, (stupid is as stupid does).DO NOT mistake money for intelligence.
    Third, this state sucks on ice. 5 months of freezing your ass off. Pay extra for heating oil,and gasoline. Then have the government scrutinize you like a retard on the playground. Because you are NOT capable of making your own choices, they will tell you when you have an opinion.
    CT has become a state of walking vaginas, gutless assclowns whose founding forefathers are ROLLING in their graves. Come visit if you have no spine and think you’re
    Better because of your money, you’ll fit in perfectly.
    As for the new jersey vs connecticunt issue (no typo) they both literally suck for different reasons.
    Lived in both states, anyone who STAYS there has to be retarded.
    Flaunt your money and your arrogance in either state. You will be viewed equally across the board, but you were never concerned with that aspect of perception in the first place.
    Go to hell Ct. Oh wait, you’re already there .
    God, I hate this state with an undying passion, get out while you can.
    You can’t polish a turd and your money doesn’t make you better than anyone else,ever,period.
    Collection of assholes, come visit anytime!

  18. steve says:

    i know im yrs late to this lol but whatta grade a douche nozzle that wrote this lol. first of all id like to know where this guy comes from, sure its just great there too lol. and this butt hurt whiny child drove up 95 and stopped at Mcdonalds ( lol whatta jackass, who visits new places and gets fast food???) yea ur an idiot and ur opinion is ranting dog shit. sum ppl in CT may suck, traffic mayb bad coming out of NY but anyone who knows anything that this shit happens everywher not localized in CT lol. and as far as the 55 mph speed limit, grow a pair and go faster whiny pussy.

    • Word to the wise says:

      I hate to tell you all this…but it doesn’t matter where you live… It’s who your with. The people who wrote all negative things probably could live in Santa Barbara California, a beautiful environment to be, and still find tons of fault with it. These kind of people will never be happy, unfortunately. Good luck finding the perfect place to live 🙂

  19. ben casper says:

    ct is better than you think, … if you can think. nj is a rotting hellhole that i would rather die than live in. ct combines proximity to nyc with beautiful new england charm, ever been to litchfield county? i didn’t think so. you probably jist drived through fairfield county on 95 and stopped at a restaurant that would be awful any location in the us. untill you see ct, you have no idea what you’re talking about! ive been to new jersey, it progresses from slums to stench to stench slums to more stench to swanp to the bridge to delaware. my aunti lives in nj, and all her friends from there are assholes. the most italian restaurants in the country, yet not one good one. newark, paterson, and elizabeth, the states largest cities, make hartford, new haven, and stamford look like paradise on earth. nj should be repourpoced as a habitat for migratory birds or some such nonsense, but your governer would eat them all on his way out of trenton. btw, your state has camden, doesn’t it? as a proud nutmegger, i feel sorry for my fellow tri staters who lost the suburb lottery and moved, or was born, into the stinkair state!

  20. Jo says:

    The reason CT is so awful is the people. They are so provincial and lackluster. The massive traffic is because they drive slow and love to create little pockets of traffic, heaven forbid they drive out of the self imposed clusters. This has to do with their huge love of lines. They love to wait in line. They really do. And they expect you to conform to their oddball behavior because if you don’t they express their passive agressive attitudes. They lack any sense if creativity or originality. They are the ultimate conformists. And the love to threaten to call the police on you for any little thing. Cut off the a-hole going 20mph and they will call the cops. It is the conformist thing. You must not deviate from their “rules.” At the least they will reprimand you if you do something the do not like. They are the moral police. My all time favorite is the slow driving, but cut them off and they drive like demons to chase after you. Having lived in other parts of the country their odd behaviors is just more apparent. And of couse they think CT is the greatest and hate other nice parts of the country. Welcome to CT the land of the boring conformists.

    • DJ says:

      This assessment of CT people is spot on. What is even worse is they will go into other states and behave the same way. They pull the same crap in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. I wish the earth’s crust would open up and swallow CT whole.

  21. I’ve had the misfortune of living in Connecticut for 33 years and it’s pretty much just a snobbier version of hell. I’ve also written a page about how much CT sucks on my site (Preservethe80s.com). Give it a look and we can compare notes about how much we hate CT.

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