Leave Michael Cera Alone!

This video was posted on Deadline Hollywood today.  It’s ridiculous that people hate Michael Cera for “playing the same character in every movie.”  The only people who don’t play the same actor in every movie are character actors (i.e. Brian Dennehy and Stephen Tobolowsky).  All of the big stars are consistent: George Clooney plays the witty bachelor with a troubled past that comes back to bite him; Angelina Jolie plays the sexy, independent and determined woman; and Will Smith plays Will Smith.  Michael Cera is doing the same thing!

Typecasting is part of a mental function that helps people think quicker.  It’s called a heuristic.  Everybody does it.  When somebody hears that there is a new Scorsese movie, they don’t have to ask if it involves criminals or murder (although you should look up his new movie).  Look at Jim Carrey: everybody saw him as a comedian, and when he tried drama, they laughed.  Once somebody acquires a perception, the public won’t allow him or her to change.

So, please. If you don’t like Michael Cera, give a real reason.

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