Carmelo’s the New Lebron (Or Chris Bosh, or Chris Paul, etc.)

Carmelo Anthony showed up at Denver’s media day today, “explaining” that he “never said [he] wanted to be traded. [He] never once said anything about trade talk.”  Bullshit.  His superstar status should be tarnished like LeBron’s.  He should not be considered a potential #1 player.  Anytime any player publicly demands a trade, they are not ready to be “the guy.”  Kobe didn’t win a ring until he started talking to his teammates (and when he got Pau Gasol).  LeBron’s “Decision” permanently branded him as “the best #2 guy on a team.”  Chris Paul and Amare Stoudemire both aren’t qualified to take the next step, and that’s why they want to play alongside each other.  Players should honor their contracts, because it was they who entered into the agreement.  When it’s not a rookie contract, the only person to blame is himself.


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