SNL’s Grand Larceny

So, whether intentional or unintentional, SNL ripped off Tim and Eric.  Yeah, some SNL regulars are regular collaborators with Tim and Eric.  Yeah, the skits are different enough, but also similar enough.  Whatever.  Stuff like this happens all the time.

What’s more important is what this signifies: SNL is outdated.  It’s not outdated in a “it used to be funnier” way.  People say that because they aren’t the target demographic anymore (teenage boys), and everything’s 20/20 in retrospect.  It’s outdated like the network it’s on is outdated.  Just look at its format: it’s been a live one-hour show on Saturday night since it began.  It hasn’t changed.  With cable, and now the internet, there are more and more things that are pushing SNL farther down the relevancy hole.  They brought on Lonely Island, and it’s a huge hit.  But look at the difference between the Digital Shorts and the rest of the show: in the span of time that it takes the writers to create the next show, Lonely Island creates one sketch.  That’s why they are always good.

Now look at Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!  It’s an 11-minute show.   They have time to perfect it.  And whether or not it was intentional, SNL created a poorer imitation.  Tim and Eric are more influential, because they are doing things differently.  It took SNL 30 years to add a something radical.

The music industry, then the TV industry, and then the movie industry realized that they cannot stand still while things are changing.  Let’s see what SNL does next.


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