Marc Webb on the Up-and-Up

Marc Webb must be feeling pretty good right now.

It seems like getting one high-profile gig makes your career.  Marc Webb, who, since the release of his first feature film last year, has been experiencing an astronomical career path.  He was tapped to direct the Spider-Man reboot.  Then he directed the pilot for the new (and recently cancelled) FOX show Lone Star.  Now that that is over, the same network picked up a new series that is executive producing.

Now clearly he is talented and people see great things in him, but how did this happen to a career music video director?  When did he become Guillermo del Toro?  He should be more Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry.  After one movie and one offer, his name has become an equation for a green light.

If he is indeed as good as the industry thinks he is, then audiences should be rewarded.  Webb has a great Spidey lead in Andrew Garfield (go see The Social Network).  Lone Star got great reviews.  (500) Days of Summer has been tapped as a generational movie.  I am not only excited to see his next projects, but encouraged by his quick ascent to success.


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