NPR Specifically Forbids Staff from Stewart, Colbert Rallies

Leave it to NPR to get it right when it comes to ethics. In a memo to its staff , NPR explained, with particular detail the obligations reporters and employees had when it comes to staying out of politics.  Apparently, that even includes rallies lead by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

Surely, NPR staffers will be there to cover these event and the difference between their presence as media members will be in indecipherable from their presence as supports, but that’s the point: the rules are the rules, and they matter whether you think anyone will know or not. Plus, in the data age, if a journalist breaks the rules in the middle of the woods, it’s likely to end up on a blog.

The days of anonymity are over, and it ought to lead to more accountability from the media of itself. Unfortunately, the media has become so incapable of holding officials accountable, that holding themselves accountable is simply an incoherent request.

When FoxNews and MSNBC have made their biases so clear, it’s good to know some news organizations are still trying to hold some sense of dignity. It’s a small gesture, but Kudos to NPR for getting it right.


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