NFL Misses Mark With New Hard Hits Policy

Nearly $200,000 in fines were doled out this week for hits the NFL deemed unduly violent.  This is the same NFL that inspired a segment on ESPN called “Jacked Up” featuring the biggest hits of the week. The same NFL that even sells coffee table books and DVD’s featuring pictures and videos of monster hits.

Usually players disagree with being fined for any reason, but outside of Brandon Meriweather’s ridiculous launchpad act on Todd Heap, these guys have a serious gripe.

James Harrisson joked he may have to quit the game because he can’t play by the rules, rules that make the NFL serious hypocrites for enacting.

Mark Schlereth loses his mind over the NFL new goal to crack down on hard hits, pointing out that the violent nature of the game is why these guys play. Hitting is why people watch the NFL, otherwise it’d be soccer.

The NFL should be applauded for their improved stance on concussions, keeping guys out and implementing better testing policies. Concussions are serious medical conditions and can be life threatening if not treated properly, especially in a game as violent as football.

Did you catch that last part? Football is a violent sport. It’s part of what makes the game great.

Remember NFL Blitz? That NFL video game was DEDICATED to ridiculous and awesome hits whether they were after the whistle or not.

The NFL cannot pretend to care about the health of its players and then say ‘Oh but let’s go to an 18 game season.’ The only way an 18 game season makes sense in protecting players is if those extra two games are two-hand touch.

Rules about cornerbacks touching receivers, defenders hitting quarterbacks, players hitting other players too hard, they’re just diluting a game that was fine the way it was.

If the NFL really wants to help the safety of its players, how about better medical coverage once a player retires? How about getting benefits to former players who didn’t make the millions that today’s players make?

Congratulations NFL, you’ve shown once again you just don’t get it.

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