PAY attention to space!!

Take a second to look at this photo. See, most people will look at this and be like oh cool space is crazy man. Well, you know what? That really pisses me off. I need to take a second to tell you what this image is. This is the deepest view of space we have ever seen! Take this in perspective. Every night, you can look up at the sky and you see thousands of stars. Now imagine if you looked at an empty portion of the sky, where you could see no stars. A portion of the sky approximately the size of a dime held 75 feet away from you, tiny right? Well, this image is an EMPTY portion of the sky to our eyes. An empty portion of the sky the size of a dime held around 75 feet away from your face. That should really, REALLY resonate with you.

EACH ONE OF THE BLOBS OF LIGHT YOU SEE… each one, is a galaxy. We live in a galaxy called the Milky Way. It’s a spiral galaxy that is around 100,000 LIGHT YEARS across.. One light year is about 6 TRILLION miles.. What we’re looking at in that SINGLE speck of sky is approximately 10,000 galaxies in various stages of evolution. THAT IS INSANE! The universe is that way in all directions..

What this image, known as the Hubble Utra Deep Field, shows, is approximately 12 billion years ago or only 400-600 million years AFTER the Big Bang took place.

Anyways.. I just don’t get why people aren’t more interested in the universe. It’s absolutely ginormous, so much so, that we can’t even begin to comprehend how large. We can’t even comprehend how large our own galaxy let alone the hundreds of millions of other galaxies out there which EACH contain millions of stars of their own.

Space blows my mind.. pay attention to it.

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