Yahoo! Let’s talk about sex.

Recently, Pope Benedict XVI explained that condoms are okay in certain situations, such as for male prostitutes to prevent the spread of HIV.  All right, whatever.  Check out this totally insane Yahoo! article covering the subject.

The youngest person they interviewed was a 42-year-old New Jersey man.  The oldest interviewee is an 86-year-old man from Oldtown (OLDTOWN!), Maine.  Here’s what the man from Oldtown said: “I was shocked.  I thought, ‘Why even mention that?’  It was unnecessary.  I was just shocked that he’d even bring the word up.”  Yes, Oldman.  You are shocked he said “condom” because you were born in 1924, 8 years after Margaret Sanger founded what would be known as Planned Parenthood.

Look what extremist Cliff Krieger, 68, of Lowell, MA has to say: “I think that the church is saying that use of condoms is missing the point about what sex is about.  There are a lot of people who are … just using it for pleasure for themselves, as they might be using cocaine on the weekend.”  What?!  Sex is equivalent to cocaine?  Okay, they both activate dopamine in the brain’s pleasure center.  So do hobbies.  Do you like to go bowling, Fred?  Well, I’m sorry to inform you that that also activates the pleasure pathway in your brain.  Maybe you should stop bowling, or maybe you should stop confusing religion with federal drug law.

Although Yahoo! framed the older and elderly population as the voice of the people, it’s not totally their fault.  They were only focusing on an 83-year-old man who has an influence on the world’s sexual health.

This picture's irrelevant. It just looks like he's taking a shit.


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