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It’s unclear whether Universal has given up on The Dilemma, or if they don’t know how to market it correctly.  Firstly, it’s called The Dilemma.  They might as well call it The Plot or The Inciting Incident.  No shit there is a dilemma.  There needs to be a problem and tension.  That’s what makes it a story.

Secondly, the movie’s tagline is: “Two best friends. Nothing could come between them… or could it?”  That’s it?  So if a casual moviegoer sees the poster, all they can surmise is that “something probably comes between two best friends.”  The definition of “dilemma” is: any difficult or perplexing situation or problem.  So, based on the title and the tagline, something happens in the movie.

Now, to give Universal the benefit of the doubt, the poster does allude to something more specific.  Clearly, Vince Vaughn is in a situation that Kevin James doesn’t know about.  What could it be?  Vaughn sold James a shoddy car?  Vaughn is sleeping with James’s wife? Vaughn found out that James’s wife is cheating on him and he doesn’t know if he should tell him before they make their career-saving presentation?  Yeah, that makes sense.

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  1. jkonrath says:

    The real Dilemma is how Kevin James could land Winona Ryder as a wife in the first place.

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