VHS Is The New Vinyl

Crystal Castles released their new music video for their song “Not in Love” and it directly follows the indie rock music video tropes.  Although admittedly entertaining, indie music videos are simply becoming montages of old VHS footage or footage made to look like VHS.  The Books have been doing this for years for their live shows, but their videos are interactive and an integral part to their music.

So what’s with the new fad?  Since DVD came out, VHS has become a novelty that parallels vinyl.  It’s outdated technology that becomes exclusive due to its rarity and irony, which subsequently equals “hip.”

VHS has also become a symbol of childhood for Generation Y.  With the relatively new mandate of college, adolescence has now been pushed back a few extra years, preventing 18-22 year olds from fully growing up until graduation or financial independence.  Music videos tend to be something that younger filmmakers produce to get noticed as a director.  Therefore, the artists who are creating these videos are the 20-somethings who have home movies stored on VHS tapes and are in the early stages of adulthood.

So in order to fully understand the VHS music video phenomenon, here is an easy-to-understand math equation: Irony + Trend + New Adulthood = Angsty Video.





3 Responses to “VHS Is The New Vinyl”
  1. d.j. says:

    the CC video is a fan made video and not official.

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