Box Office Barometer 1-31-11

Well, The Rite debuted at #1 with $15 million.  Last August, The Last Exorcism debuted at #2 with $20 million.  Apparently, this country can’t get over the whole “pastor questions his faith, is forced to face it during the exorcism, then affirms it after conquering the devil.”  It looks like Warner Bros. didn’t even have to market it.  We can just pencil these movies in at $15+ million.

CBS Films’ debuted their fourth failure The Mechanic, at #4 with $11.5 million.  Although it leaves no hope for CBS, it’s a good sign for Hollywood.  Their flops prove that audiences aren’t sold on stars alone.  The movies featured Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, Jennifer Lopez, The Rock, and now Jason Statham.  Their sitcom formula doesn’t work; they can’t just plug Charlie Sheen or William Shatner in and see results.

Even though four out of the next 5 are Oscar-caliber pictures, this week is a brainwashed week.  The top four movies earned $15.3 more than the next 6, including the delightfully fast-fading The Dilemma, and the 3D-infused Yogi Bear.  Congratulations, studios.  You reign.

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