Box Office Barometer 2-7-11

Not many movies to see this weekend.  It’s that time of the year where studios dump their worst movies and Oscar pics slowly die  The Roommate beat out Sanctum, but only because The Roommate featured a college girl on its poster, whereas Sanctum featured a guy in scuba gear.  Besides being a Single White Female pseudo-remake, The Roommate is also in the same vein as Sorority Row.  They’re opportunities to see good-looking coeds scream in horror.  Woo.

Relativity and Universal whored out James Cameron’s name, along with Titanic and Avatar, hoping people would blindly spend money to see Sanctum.  Well, its clear people aren’t fascinated with 3D alone, nor does James Cameron care about anything other than technology.

It’s a weak weekend, but the audience was mostly Brainwashed because the first decent movie comes in at #4 (The King’s Speech).

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