Box Office Barometer 2-21-11

It’s still February! That means one more weekend of hell before we get to more interesting titles in March (Rango, Battle: LA, Suckerpunch).  Until then, we’re stuck with these derivative stories.

Unknown stole the weekend with $25.6 million.  That’s impressive for a movie that could have easily been called Taken 2.  This whole Jason Bourne shtick needs to end.  It’s like the M. Night Shyamalan school of action movies: some dude realizes he can kick major ass, then we learn the shocking reason why he can kick major ass.  Hopefully soon, people will laugh when they see this formula in another trailer.

Gnomeo & Juliet intelligently chose this month to be released, because it won’t have any competition until Rango hits theaters March 4.  Gnomeo scored $24.8 million by being the only family option.

I Am Number Four’s title set the bar low, allowing it to overachieve by placing third.  Congratulations!  Lead actor Alex Pettyfer is getting some good buzz from this movie, which will only be destroyed when his new flick, Beastly, continues CBS Films’ incompetent streak of flops.  Have you seen the trailer for that?  This could be their worse movie yet. It looks like a bad episode of Buffy.

The last new release, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, came in at number 5, behind Just Go With It.  This franchise is so stale, they Kingdom of the Crystal Skulled it—they added a fresh new face in order to attract an audience.  Goddamnit, people! If you stop paying for these movies, they’ll stop making them! For your injustices, you deserve ARMOND WHITE!


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