Box Office Barometer 2-28-11

Although today was the day of the Academy Awards, only one Oscar-caliber flick made the top 10 (The King’s Speech at #7).  While last year’s best movies were honored, audiences were stuck with this weekend’s crappy movies. And boy, were they crappy.  Gnomeo and Juliet stole the weekend because families chose to watch this cartoon over the other one (Never Say Never).

The Farrelly Brothers stumbled into #2 with a low $13.4 million.  It’s  mind-boggling that they crafted such a classics as There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber, yet once the clock struck 2001, they haven’t been able to produce anything close to that caliber.  Let’s hope that this convinces MGM to prevent them from desecrating and defecating on the Three Stooges.

Drive Angry only mustered $5.1 million WITH 3D ticket prices. Ouch.  Just think how much this movie could have made 10 years ago, based on this premise alone: Nic Cage in 3D.  That would have been bought and sold quicker than Nic Cage can go bankrupt.  It’s too bad, because this movie highlights his strength: crazy badassery. Fear not, for this writer will not be swayed by the bad reception.  He will be driving happily to the theater to see it!

Although the weekend should get an ARMOND WHITE, there just aren’t enough good movies to fairly judge them. Therefore, audiences earn a BRAINWASHED.

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  1. […] other new release, Mars Needs Moms, did astoundingly bad.  Like, Drive Angry-bad.  It only made $6.8 million on a $150 million production budget.  The only good news is that Seth […]

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