Box Office Barometer 3-7-11

It looks like we have an original sandwich at the box office, with two new releases serving as the bread.  At the top, Rango placde first with $38 million domestic.  Although it was a pretty standard Western, the voice acting was kept the movie entertaining and the animation looked spectacular (as it should: ILM produced its first animated movie).  Gore Verbinksi’s new method of voice acting was a success, and it will be interesting to see if other studios follow his lead.

At the bottom of the sandwich, Topher Grace’s Take Me Home Tonight placed 11th, while screened in 2,003 theaters (which is the year it could have made money).  Apparently, people don’t care about 1980s flashback anymore.  Last year’s underperforming Hot Tub Time Machine didn’t become The Hangover that MGM hoped it would.  After reading Topher Grace’s recent interview with the AV Club, it seemed like he was way more focused on the atmosphere of the set than the quality movie.  He desperately wants to look back on this experience the way that historians look back on American Graffiti, with its nostalgia and its soon-to-be stars.  Sorry dude, but it looks like Anna Faris has reached her peak with The House Bunny and Dan Fogler is the next Horatio Sanz.

Out of the other two releases, The Adjustment Bureau (#2) looks more appealing, but only because it is based on a Philip K. Dick story.  Judging by the trailer, the concept seems like something that succeeds more on paper than on screen, and the reviews reveal that the movie is little more than Matt Damon running.

Beastly continues CBS Films’ streak of hellish material, and came in 3rd on a down weekend.  Fortunately for them, they made more than half of their production budget in limited release.  Although this film looks like trash, its one step in the right direction: CBS is now focusing on story instead of solely star power.

This week is thrust into BRAINWASHED due to the sheer force of Rango.


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