Music Industry Finds a New Success Metric

Eminem is the most ‘Liked’ artist on Facebook… period.

There was once a time when success in the music industry was represented by record sales and who had the most chart topping hits. Today, we live in a very different age. How different of an age? Well, if Facebook ‘Likes’ are any indication, we have a new number one contender. Just last month, it looked like Lady Gaga had things all wrapped up. She had been the most ‘Liked’ living artist for months. Eminem crept up and took that title from her, and he’s poised to continue that rise.

Little Monsters (the aptly named cult-like followers of Lady Gaga) the world round, have been left in shock this week, as Eminem was elevated (by his fans) to the top of the charts. The Facebook charts, that is.

As March rolled in, Eminem (averaging a half million ‘Likes’ per week) surpassed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to become the most popular artist of all time, dead OR alive. The real question though is how much clout a Facebook ‘Like’ really holds. Before we do that though, let’s take a brief look at the numbers:

Eminem: 29,479,845 likes

Michael Jackson: 29,413,111 likes

Lady Gaga: 29,232,819 likes

Now, looking at this objectively, we can safely surmise that having the most ‘Likes’ on Facebook does not automatically make you the biggest star of all time. It does tell us something though: Eminem is still relevant, very relevant. Even after a near 5-year hiatus, where he suffered through severe drug addiction and the loss of his best friend, he was able to come back and regain his throne as the most popular rapper around.

Ultimately though, the fight for the most Likes shows us one thing. For these artists, social media has been a powerhouse, driving their popularity to new heights. Besides Facebook, both Eminem and Lady Gaga have Twitter followings well into the millions and even more impressive, they are only two of three artists with YouTube view totals over one billion. The battle for the most social media engagement is certainly a controversial topic in the music industry – quite fitting, since the artists in the mix are controversial themselves.

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