Some Habits Never Die

I was preparing some dinner for myself tonight when it hit me – I am in a love affair with carbohydrates – particularly pasta.

We’re going to completely disregard the fact that I’m of Italian descent and was basically raised with a tomato flavored pacifier. What better time than now to realize that the year that I spent living on my own consisted of a very simple diet – a bountiful amount of good alcohol, and an equally large sum of dirt cheap food. It’s clear that my caloric priorities did not include incredibly healthy cuisine options (for that I raided my roommates rations – yes, I ate the hummus before AND after break, just kidding).

What’s not to like about pasta – especially at 89 cents per box? I quickly learned that anything is good with pasta. A few of the pasta fusion dishes I concocted included beets, chickpeas, mushed chickpeas, green beans, stewed tomatoes, garlic powder, steak… The sky is literally the limit when it comes to pasta accompaniments – and that is one of the beautiful results of combining olive oil, a writer’s imagination, and a collegian’s budget.

My eating options have certainly changed since returning home – mostly because I live with my parents and they can afford to buy me some awesome healthy options. Today, however, was different. I veered past all the vegetables, and organic alternatives that I force my mom to buy. Today, I craved pasta; nay, I yearned to consume the succulent wholesomeness that comes out of tube shaped wheat and flour.

While I’m happy that I no longer need to survive on such options of dubious health benefits, it was certainly great to come home and see my old friend inside the cabinet. Just in case you were wondering, I opted for a more traditional route and used real sauce for my pasta. And, true to form, had the requisite spill.


Reposted with permission from tristen’s pen, originally posted 9/9/10


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