Box Office Barometer: Twilight + Alice in Wonderland = Failure

Battle: LA won the weekend. That makes sense. There’s a good review of it over at Vulture.  It looks like it’s pretty bad.

Now, to the important part:  Red Riding Hood. This film is the bastard love child of Alice in Wonderland and Twilight.  The success of those two movies propelled studio executives to think: 1) Let’s mine public domain fairy tales, and 2) Let’s put a werewolf or a vampire in everything.  Hell, they even hired the original Twilight director hoping to try and catch lightning in a bottle once more.  Thankfully, the movie only made $14.1 million on an expectation of $20 million.  So, if America doesn’t like the fairy tale movie with that girl from Letters to Juliet, let’s see what they’ll think of a fairy tale with that guy from The Hurt Locker.

The other new release, Mars Needs Moms, did astoundingly bad.  Like, Drive Angry-bad.  It only made $6.8 million on a $150 million production budget.  The only good news is that Seth Green, although confusingly performed motion capture and voiceover, only to have his voiceover voicedover, is getting a fat paycheck.  Therefore, he will be able to fund more of his creative ventures, with no hit to his reputation. Congratulations, Seth!

This weekend was so close to receiving a INTELLIGENT. It really was. But Battle: LA’s success is just too rewarding.  Sorry guys, but this weekend is BRAINWASHED.


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