Adrien Brody Has Bad Luck

Adrien Brody’s long-lost Monolete biopic (A Matador’s Mistress) will finally be distributed…through VOD.  There’s no shame in VOD: indie darling Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience and the-new-Neill-Blomkamp Gareth Edwards’ Monsters were distributed via VOD.  With Brody, A Matador’s Mistress only adds to a string of bad luck.

Last year’s Splice stumbled its way to release.  During production, producers received a cease-and-desist from FOX because they believed the film’s antagonist closely resembled the Na’vi from Avatar.  On top of this, the movie struggled to find a buyer at Sundance after a potential buyer insulted the project.  Leaving Sundance without a buyer, Oscar-winner Adrien Brody was in danger of being the SyFy movie of the week until a new screening attracted a buyer.

Later last year, Brody announced he was suing the filmmakers of his movie Giallo.  Apparently, they didn’t pay him his full salary and lied about the film’s financing. Brody won and blocked the release of his own film.

Now, this is no fault to Brody.  He’s the original James Franco, taking various roles from action hero (Predators) to Jamie Foxx (Cadillac Records).  After realizing his distribution troubles, it seems the only thing released accordingly was Brody’s confusing Super Bowl ad.


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