Living in the Shadow

If movies are the cool older brother who waited in line for the first Strokes album, then TV is the younger brother who bought Scott Stapp’s at Wal*Mart.  In other words, movies find what is popular and beat it down, while TV tries to catch up a few years later.  Since the superhero genre didn’t work out(No Ordinary Family, The Cape), TV is now turning to the other bread-and-butter: the supernatural.

With the completion of the Twilight and Harry Potter series, TV is ready for some new hand-me-downs.  Today, Starz announced that they are developing The Brink, a series that basically takes the moment Tom Cruise faces his son’s murderer in Minority Report, and adapted that into a TV show.

NBC ordered Grimm, where cops operate in a world where fairy tale characters exist, as well as 17th Precinct, which basically sounds like Hill Street Blues, but people get raped and murdered with magic!  FOX has Magical Law, where cops and lawyers apprehend magical criminals, which sounds that the weakly, Magic the Gathering-playing brother would write.

Don’t rule out basic cable! Syfy is developing a series where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini solve crimes together, with the help of a non-White male (a female).  On top of this, DreamWorks is ALSO developing a movie based on the same source material. Wait, now movies are shadowing TV? Does this mean TV has grown up? No, it has not.


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