Box Office Barometer 3-21-2011

Boring weekend at the box office.  The #1 movie only made $19 million. So, let’s just look at the complexion of the Top 10.

  1. High-concept (Limitless)
  2. Animated (Rango)
  3. Alien Invasion (Battle: LA)
  4. Star-driven (The Lincoln Lawyer)
  5. Sci-fi Comedy (Paul)
  6. Revisionist Tale (Red Riding Hood)
  7. High-concept (The Adjustment Bureau)
  8. Animated (Mars Needs Moms)
  9. Revisionist Tale (Beastly)
  10. Comedy (Hall Pass)

Actually, it looks more like this:

  1. Another poor decision by Robert De Niro
  2. The only thing worth seeing
  3. Overachiever
  4. A movie nobody will talk about
  5. Two funny guys writing a “broad” comedy
  6. Twilight rip-off
  7. Hereafter…Actually it’s just Matt Damon’s other bad movie
  8. Historic flop
  9. CBS Films muck/Twilight rip-off
  10. A movie that migt have been successful in the 90s

This week, audiences didn’t have much choice. Actually, they made a choice.  They chose not to go to the movies!


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