Wonder Woman Looks Good and Bad

Last week, NBC released an official picture of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, and she looks great! (That’s more of a credit to Palicki than NBC.)  But, past her beauty, there’s not much reason to watch the show.

David E. Kelly is spearheading this project, which was picked up at the last minute after it was initially turned down.  Kelly promises a “serious, non-campy take on the character.”  He already failed on the costume, given that DC already offered a serious, non-campy outfit for the character.

Superhero shows aren’t working.  NBC must regret their last-minute decision after they had to demote The Cape to online distribution.   Around the same time, it unofficially became official that ABC’s No Ordinary Family wouldn’t come back, leaving Smallville only successful superhero network TV show, and that’s ending this year.

Overall, Wonder Woman’s success may come down to money.  It will be too expensive…if they want to do it correctly.  Wonder Woman is a comic book icon, along with her fellow DC counterparts Batman and Superman.  While No Ordinary Family and The Cape were original properties, they were able to create their own rules and environment.  However, Wonder Woman will be compared not to the 1970s show, but to The Dark Knight and Superman Returns, big movies with big budgets.

So, NBC has a decision to make: skimp on the budget and get canceled, or go all-in and become mired in post-production like Terra Nova.  Since it’s NBC, the only way to go is cancellation!

Damn, it's gonna be hard not to watch.

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