Roland Emmerich Hates History and Logic

Roland Emmerich is taking a break from making terrible action movies to make a horrible “high-brow” movie.  The movie is called Anonymous, and it’s about somebody who wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays, but is punished by losing his or her writing credits.

This would be a compelling story, if it was true and/or made sense.  Ultimately, there is no purpose, because the whole conceit is based upon historical and cultural significance of Shakespeare’s work, but the monarchy couldn’t have known that at the time.  When Julie Taymor’s Lion King premiered, it was illogical to predict that Taymor’s production was going to transcend centuries.  Are we going to strip her name from Lion King because of Turn Off The Dark. Hell no, but we probably should.

If the true author was originally credited with the plays and was stripped, his or her name would have lived in folklore.  Look at James Cameron.  If his name was removed from The Terminator and Avatar, people would still credit him and the injustice of his removal.  To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the greatest novels of the 20th century, is rumored to have been stolen.  Harper Lee authored it, but there is wide speculation that Truman Capote wrote it.  These rumors have been refuted, but that still doesn’t stop people from spreading it.  If these plays were as important to the times as portrayed, then people would know.

If Emmerich is implying that audiences don’t know who wrote the plays at the time, then nobody would have thought stripping credit to be a justifiable punishment.  The conversation would have went as followed: “You committed a grave injustice. We will punish you by stripping your name from your plays.” “Well, nobody knew I wrote it anyway, so hot dog!”

Thanks for trying, Emmerich.  It’s honorable that you are branching out into different territory, but when your movie comes out, I’ll just stick with the Zapruder film.


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