Who Will Guest Star on the Hot In Cleveland Spin-Off?

TV Land is developing a spin-off for their hit show Hot In Cleveland with Cedric the Entertainer.  Cleveland benefited from the star power of Betty White, propelling TV Land’s debut series into a bona fide hit.  Cleveland caught lightning in a bottle with White, a phenomenon that will not be replicated by the time the spin-off debuts.  So, let’s dissect what it takes to be White, and what ensemble cast it takes to fulfill that role.

Internet meme: Betty White exploded on the internet last year, most prominently with her grassroots SNL campaign.  Although White had been in show business decades before SNL premiered, her newfound popularity forced Lorne Michaels into White’s invite.

Potential guest:


The RoboCop statue! RoboCop has been in Detroit longer than David Bing had been mayor.   In a stroke of pure hate, Bing vehemently ignored his city’s cries for a RoboCop statue, robbing Detroit from its true American hero.  Thankfully, the USA’s system of checks and balances brought Bing’s reign of terror to an end with a national Kickstarter campaign.  As of now, the statue is in its beginning stages of awesomeness.

Mary Tyler Moore cast member: White was on one of TV ‘s legendary shows, providing instant street cred with TV Land’s older viewers.  Since TV Land is already took MTM’s eponymous actress, that would leave whippersnapper Cloris Leachman as the logical choice.  She fulfills the “funny because she’s old and joking about sex” role, but her commitment to Raising Hope eliminates her from the running.

Potential guest:

That leaves Ed Asner as the next choice, which gains Nick Jr.’s audience when they advertise him as the voice from Up! (or they can market him as the only guy who hates Cloris Leachman)

Pet activist: Apparently, White is the president emerita of the Morris Animal Foundation, as well as a member of the Los Angeles Zoo Commission and the Actors & Others for Animals.  So who can fill those shoes?  Some celebrity that poses nude for PETA?  Nah.  Michael Vick and his newfound sense of responsibility? Nope.

Potential guest:

The only person of White’s caliber would be none other than Bob Barker, the man who made sure to tell us to have our pets spayed and neutered for 35 years!  The one drawback: he’s looking like a mannequin in that State Farm commercial.

Somebody born in 1922: Since Betty White is an anomaly, we don’t have too many options here.

Potential guest:

We elect Michael Vale, former spokesman for Dunkin’ Donuts, for this spot.  For the show, we’ll just have to use past footage Superman Returns-style.

One Response to “Who Will Guest Star on the Hot In Cleveland Spin-Off?”
  1. Any spokesperson of DD, former or current, is good enough for me as I “run on Dunkin'” this morning!

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