A Big Shout-out to the Memphis Grizzlies

Ladies and gentlemen.. THE Memphis Grizzlies. These ‘underdogs’ masquerading as an 8 seed just beat the 1 seeded San Antonio Spurs… Goodnight ‘Dynasty’.

Zach Randolph, someone that no team wanted to deal with just a year ago, has emerged as a bonafide star. I’m not going to lie, I had lost faith in the kid too. He’s been putting up great numbers for virtually his entire career but he was always trouble. Now, he has a new sense of resilience, determination and desire to will his team to victory. That trickled down and this Grizzlies team pulled off a huge series victories. This is huge for the franchise. That Pau Gasol trade doesn’t look so much like highway robbery anymore, does it? They thoroughly outplayed the Spurs and looked like the better team for the entire series.

Worth noting: The Griz beat the Thunder 3 out of 4 times during the regular season. Let’s see if they can continue to impress. They’ve shown us that they’re a serious team now and I’d be more than happy to see them keep that ball rolling.

Oh yea, and FYI, they’re playing without Rudy Gay. Yea.

One Response to “A Big Shout-out to the Memphis Grizzlies”
  1. The only time I lived outside of PA in 52…almost 53 years…8 months in Memphis. While that stay is worth a book all its own, I can say that they supported their beloved Memphis Tigers as much as anyone outside of the SEC. Always thought it would be a college town period. Winning does strange things, however…and the city looks like it and its team are both hungry for more. By the way, the best Bar-B-Q ever down there whether or not you like your ribs wet or dry. Go Griz!

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