Box Office Barometer 5-2-11: Why Fast Five is Good for the Movie Industry

Fast Five is dominating the world right now, and rightfully so.  While most movies are showing us why they shouldn’t be retold, Fast Five is showing us how to continue a franchise.

1. Live-action action – Warner Bros is working overtime to make sure their CGI on Green Lantern will be completed by release.  Paramount is awaiting its December 2011 release of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn release after first announcing it in 2007.  Fox is dumping millions of dollars into the next Avatar sequels, only to wait until a 2014 release.  Meanwhile, Fast Five started shooting in March 2010 AND was just released this weekend.  Normally, one would argue that such quick turnaround is bad for movies, because movies set a production date before the script is finished (Men In Black 3).  However, Fast Five is a true action movie, in the sense that CGI is used as an aide and not as a crutch.

2. A sequalizable concept – Fast Five is the fourth sequel.  With the state of the movie industry, it seems like business as usually.  However, the Fast and the Furious is about a group of street racers who rob.  Each movie is about a robbery, pitting the same characters in different situations.  The James Bond franchise is based on a spy who stops criminal and crime activity.  Each movie focuses on a different criminal in a different location.  Each premise works like a TV show.

3. Evolution – If this was college, the F&F series went from a car racing major with a minor in crime, to a balls-out action major with a focus in car racing.  After going into college looking to race cars and make money from it, F&F took a few classes in crime and realized that there was more of a future there than in racing.  It only kept racing as a minor since it already had enough credits.

Now this discussion could be rendered useless when Fast Six and Dwayne Johnson’s spin-off comes out.


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