Box Office Barometer 5-9-11: Thor Breeds Hope

Finally, a good wide-release movie to kick off the summer.  Although Thor is not like it’s May predecessors Spider-Man, Iron Man and X2, it comes pretty damn close.  Visually, Asgard was beautiful and looked like a real environment.  Script-wise, the story is a good analysis of privileged children and how perspective can be gained through loss.  Chris Hemsworth was a force on screen, reaching action figure-like dimensions that would make Arnold proud.

Thor’s success provides greater excitement for Marvel’s next installment, The First Avenger.  What’s more interesting is what will happen in The Avengers (and no, we’re not referring to the script leak).  SORT-OF SPOILER ALERT As Loki indicated in his interview with Vulture last week, Loki will be the main villain of The Avengers.  The bumper at the end of is not so much of an Easter egg as it is expected (even the escort on the Paramount lot instructed us to stay in our seats at the end).  Also, what about Samuel L. Jackson’s movie deal?  Does that only count towards post-credit sequences?  So far, the best thing about Nick Fury is his eye patch, and the worst thing is everything else.  He showed up in Iron Man 2, but that was part of the unnecessary alcoholic storyline that bloated the movie.  Let’s see if he’s in The First Avengers and how he’s utilized in The Avengers.

Back to Loki: as the main villain in The Avengers, Loki is the logical choise, because Thor is an unstoppable god.  It will take another god for him to be challenged.  But, as for the rest of the Avengers?  The Hulk could present an interesting match-up for Loki, but Thor’s presence makes the rest of the Avengers expendable.  Captain America will be fighting Red Skull, Iron Man will be fighting some robot, and the Hulk will be fighting some bastard version of himself.  Black Widow will be looking sexy while kicking some crony ass, but only Thor can challenge Loki.  It’s like when Raiden left Mortal Kombat.  There’s not much competition when one contestant is the god of thunder.  There are rumors that the Skrulls will also be featured, or they can follow the original storyline and have the other Avengers fight a Loki-manipulated Hulk.  Either way, The Avengers is looking like it will be epic or muddled, but if Thor’s any indication, the outlook is promising.

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