Mike Brown is the 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

The Los Angeles Lakers have a surprising brand spankin’ new head coach. While everyone and their mom knew about the whole ‘brand new coach’ thing, the ‘surprise’ part wasn’t as obvious. Their ultimate decision: Mike Brown.

The former 2008-2009 NBA Coach of the Year. The Former Coach of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A man with a career winning percentage of .643. He’s known as a defensive minded guy, some even credit him for helping LeBron become the defensive force that he is today. On paper he’s hard to argue with. He’s won, having posted two 60+ win seasons and boasting a very admirable career winning percentage. He’s never coached a team to less than 45 wins.

So, why choose Mike Brown for the Lakers? Well, I think that the answer is a very complex one. Here’s the recipe that the Lakers brass used to ultimately land their focus on their new head coach. It looks something like this:

2 parts Cost Cutting

1 part Jim Buss taking over the Franchise for his father

1 part defensive discipline

1 part whole new look for the franchise

One this is for sure, he’s got HUGE shoes to fill. I’m sure the Lakers players were taken by surprise with this signing. Perhaps it’s just what they need though. Only time will tell.

See what Mike Brown has to say about this all below:

3 Responses to “Mike Brown is the 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach”
  1. Has me scratching my head. In any other city I would probably be on board, but definitely not LA. Seems forced and made in panic mode, like they were afraid no one else would want the job? Why have to make the decision now anyway? For most fans, I think his name will always be associated with LeBron…as in riding behind his jet stream. Bad move. You have to either have deep Laker roots (not necessarily current ones, sorry B. Shaw) or be an outsider with some hugh upside entertainment value coming in. Bad decision.

  2. Rah says:

    I do agree to some extent. I personally think the best fit for the job was Jeff Van Gundy with a close second being Adelman or even Larry Brown. The Lakers need some major clout sitting in their coaches chair. My heart though would have chosen BShaw.

    Ultimately this was a political choice. Jim Buss is now running the organization. I think he’s a moron and isn’t making the right decisions but OH WELL. He did this because he’s a HUGE Andrew Bynum supporter (recently announcing that Bynum was untouchable as far as trades go) and wants to bring in a coach that will force him to work hard as a defensive player and develop into a real Dwight Howard like player on that end.

    Also the Lakers were looking to make a major price cutting move. Phil was making around $12 mil a season.. Mike Brown will be making under $5 mil per.

    Not only that, but Jim Buss didn’t even consult with Kobe on this move. That is a huge mistake. Kobe might have his prima donna moments, but ultimately, he’s the superstar of this team and he’s carried them as far as they’ve come to this point. Mike Brown will have an uphill battle to try and gain Kobe’s respect especially after Brown was basically chased out of Cleveland by LeBron.

    Finally, Jim Buss made this move to try and make his ‘mark’ as the new owner of the team. He made it independently of Kobe and most importantly, Mitch Kupchak. Mistake.

    I think Brown can bring in some solid defensive principals to this team. He’s spoken well so far and I tend to believe he will bring a renewed focus to a team that still has at least one major run left in it. That being said, he has GIGANTIC shoes to fill and will need to earn the respect of virtually every player in that Lakers locker room.

  3. As more fallout continues from the decision, I am hearing more and more about the Buss family wanting to put their stamp on the new hire. And, no doubt they were looking to cut costs at that position. It is almost like they did not like Phil having the aura he had and want to claim or get back some of the “leadership” glory. Not having Kobe on board…not smart. I woudl have had no issue with Van Gundy or Adelman at all. Larry coached here in Philly and am not his biggest fan. Don’t know how BShaw woulda played out…I do think this team needed an outsider to shake things up…as long as Kobe was on board with it…!

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