Ron Artest Changes His Name to World Peace

You may have thought that the title of this post was supposed to have some sort of alternate meaning. Perhaps Ron Artest had done something overly peaceful. Maybe it was ironic and he had done something decidedly violent. The fact is, it’s pretty much as literal as you’re going to get.

Ron Artest has decided to undergo a significant name change. Next season, the back of his jersey will no longer read ‘Arest’. No, instead it will read ‘Peace’. His new name? Metta World Peace.

He’s seemingly turned his life around from the days of drinking Hennessy at halftime, to the infamous brawl when he played for the Pacers. Ron seemed to wreak havoc wherever he went. Recently though, having played for both the Lakers and Rockets, Ron seems to have mellowed out. In fact, this April he got an award for outstanding service and dedication to the community.

So, he’s now changed his name officially. While it’s notable, it’s not all that out of the norm for Artest. He’s been known throughout his career for random shenanigans, we can just add this one to the list.

source: ESPN

One Response to “Ron Artest Changes His Name to World Peace”
  1. sportsattitudes says:

    And they say therapy doesn’t pay dividends…

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