Box Office Barometer 10-17-11: Footlost lol

The Footloose remake opened at #2 with $15.5 million.  Studio execs are questioning why it underperformed, but it failed for the same reason that it was greenlit: it already exists.

Remakes exist because they already have a fan base that they don’t have to advertise to.  However, remakes seem to only work if nobody knows about the original (1983 Scarface), or the movie is better suited for modern technology (The Fly).  Footloose breaks both rules.

According to critics, it is a shot-by-shot remake.  Since the movie is considered a classic, that just sounds like a waste of money.  If producers decided to change the script, would fans of the original really want to see something sacred to them changed?  I’m not interested in the Akira reboot, nor Point Break.

Footloose is a seminal 80s movie.  Therefore, adults like it.  Footloose is marketing towards teens.  Therefore, they don’t want their parents to take them.  Since the new teens were not part of the original phenomenon, filmmakers were relying on them to be enthusiastic about a Glee-esque movie.  Unfortunately for Paramount, Glee is slowly dying, leaving the High School Musical crowd and their parents.  So, I guess the only reason is why is that Rick Santorum is right and the nuclear family is deteriorating (or people felt like seeing something new instead).

2 Responses to “Box Office Barometer 10-17-11: Footlost lol”
  1. I agree – I just did not see the appeal of Footloose. The original is a classic from my childhood, though not because it is amazing, it just is. The shot-by-shot remake never works, does it? Those who know the original might be curious, but most likely wary. If you want to appeal to those who do not know the original wouldn’t you update it to appeal to them. How does the story of Footloose make sense in today’s world?

    Did you see the shot-by-shot remake of Psyco with Vince Vaughn (I didn’t)? I don’t believe it did very well either.

  2. I don’t know what the experts were expecting for Footloose…but it performed as I expected it to!

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