Doing Social Media 9-5 is WRONG…

If you’re a twitter user, you may follow some brands. Having a brand on twitter is absolutely fantastic, there’s an ever growing list of benefits for a brand utilizing social. In fact, it’s so prevalent these days that brands may make social their MAIN marketing focus in the near future. Powerful stuff.

When a brand makes the commitment to social media, they need to be sure that they are willing to accept full responsibility for the channel, right? I mean after all they have agreed to participate in a forum that is easily the most transparent, consumer facing, marketing medium. There seems to be a group of brands that made a half -assed commitment. Now, keep in mind, I’m only using the following brands as examples of their bios. I am NOT analyzing their social strategy or content. As far as I’m concerned they are doing a great job for themselves, but the disclaimer in their bio is a huge mistake.

The first thing that strikes me is that each and every one of these companies is struggling. Now, of course I don’t chalk that up to their lack of after-hours presence in social media. It does show us something important though, their social strategy is flawed in a general sense, which MAY lead us to believe that it is something integrally wrong with the overall management strategy of the companies themselves. Just a thought.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a greater problem that exists in social media though. According to Buddy Media, 89% of retail brands send out a post on a social channel between the hours of 8am and 7pm EST. The underlying issue here? Well, perhaps the community managers are working during those hours, but the people they are targeting are working during those hours too, right? That’s not to say that people are NOT using social media during those hours, in fact I’d be willing to bet that a good majority of social media savvy human beings are using social media in the workplace. BUT, I do argue that they are more likely to engage with a brand during later hours. Customers have questions throughout the night too, right? If your community manager isn’t looking at the channel during all hours, how likely are they to miss something important? Something that can amplify the brand? An angry customer?

Social media is ‘instant’. People expect instant gratification and brands should be prepared to offer that if they’re taking the plunge into social media. Within reason of course.


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