Box Office Barometer 10-24-11: When And When Not To Rehash

This week provides a stark contrast between why and why not to make a sequel:

Paranormal Activity 3: Our first movie was a hit, and the sequel did even more business.  Let’s make another one.

The Three Musketeers 3D: Let’s use something in the public domain, because Alice in Wonderland made a lot of money.   Let’s give it a steampunk design, because Sherlock Holmes made a lot of money.  Let’s put it in 3D, because 3D tickets are worth more money.  Let’s give it to Paul W.S. Anderson, because for some reason, every Resident Evil movie makes a lot of money.

The problem with The Three Musketeers is that there was nothing “new” about it.  With Alice in Wonderland, it was a beloved cartoon that was getting a live action sequel with a world-renowned visual director.  (Sorry, Akira.  A live-action anything will undoubtedly betray the original’s visual style).  Sherlock Holmes modernized the action sequences, but people were more interested in seeing Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law than cool gadgetry.  The Three Musketeers only had a combination of “the girl from Resident Evil,” Lord of the Rings’ Orlando Bloom, Percy Jackson and the second Punisher.  Even with Milla Jovovich’s condemnation of the ad campaign, Summit should just have advertised it as “The movie you didn’t know you wanted.”

The Three Musketeers? Who's that kid in the middle?'re doing the Indiana Jones 4 thing.

One Response to “Box Office Barometer 10-24-11: When And When Not To Rehash”
  1. In the poster the kid in the middle almost looks like Michael Cera. I would almost go see that movie, but will pass on this one.

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