Awesome Things: Back Seat on the School Bus

If you ever took the bus to school as a kid, you’ll remember this one. If you were awesome enough, you went straight for the seats all the way in the back. You’d be able to see everything that was going on in front of you, AND you could do horrible things to the cars unfortunate enough to be traveling behind you. If you didn’t sit in the back, you were lame!


One Response to “Awesome Things: Back Seat on the School Bus”
  1. Leanne Strong says:

    When I was younger, I LOVED the back! It wasn’t as loud as the front, and I’m very sensitive to sensory stimulation. I also liked how if you were in the back, and you went over even a little crack in the road, you went flying! I also liked the feeling of being pulled back in your seat that you got in the back. Now I’ll just sit wherever I can find a seat.

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