Ladies and Gentlemen meet Metta World Peace.

Perhaps he is an all new man. Even since Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace, he’s looked pretty solid. His last two games have been great efforts. Maybe Mike Brown has the right idea making him the leader of the bench (aka 6th Man). One this is for sure, this dunk from the Lakers game against the Jazz was fantastic for any player. Plus, keep in mind, Metta (Ron) can barely jump. Let’s see if Metta keeps this up when Bynum gets back. If he does, in my mind the Lakers will be better than last season. 

2 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen meet Metta World Peace.”
  1. I can’t wait for World Peace to get into a fight, or to get waived because of his large contract. “World Peace unwanted by the NBA, still looking for suitors.”

  2. I love how the announcers are almost apologizing for having to say his “name,” but they’re gonna have to get the hang of it because he ain’t going anywhere…well…maybe at some point he’ll be playing elsewhere but he certainly seems like his heart is still in the game.

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