Happy Thanksgiving!!


We just wanted to extend our Thanksgiving wishes to all of our readers! Thanks for stopping by and reading our posts!

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Awesome Things: Back Seat on the School Bus


If you ever took the bus to school as a kid, you’ll remember this one. If you were awesome enough, you went straight for the seats all the way in the back. You’d be able to see everything that was going on in front of you, AND you could do horrible things to the cars … Continue reading

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Awesome Things: Ice Cream Cake


If you were a child and you went to your friends birthday parties, you remember this. If the party was good, it had ice cream cake. If the part were great, it had Carvel Ice Cream cake. The best part? Those Oreo Cookie Crumbs in the center. Now, please excuse me while I go hunt … Continue reading

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Awesome Things: Sitcom Theme Songs

Among the most awesome things in life, Sitcom Theme Songs. Don’t lie, you know you sing them all the time. Everyone and their mother knows the Fresh Prince lyrics by heart. The Friends theme song is one that you’ll remember forever and who can forget ‘Sunday, Monday, Happy Days’. Sitcom theme songs are just flat … Continue reading

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